To be…or not to be…a writer…seriously…


Last Wednesday I purchased three writer’s magazines.  I am always in the search to find different ways to improve my writing.

Looking through one of the magazines, I was reading one of the articles,  “in humor” as this author describes it, she mentions that she is forbidding herself the use of some of the following words:  wonderful, marvelous, stunning,  spectacular, divine,  breathtaking view and to put the cherry on the top of the list, she added the words incredible or unforgettable.  This deserves a big, big


If I were to apply this rule, I would have to be breathtakingly silent.  Can you imagine me with my limited knowledge of the English language??  I would be mouth shut with a big piece of duct tape.  That would be a sight to behold.  Unforgettable 🙂

This business about writing, I mean, being a writer to be taken seriously, I don’t know…I have my doubts.  I just like to express what I am thinking and use the words that are already recorded in the neuron collection of my ever shrinking brain.

If you have the ability to write a word, I think you are considered a writer.  I you are able to speak one word, oh, oh, are you considered a speaker?  Humm…this is becoming a double edge sword.  The water is getting murky.

I am going to continue to read these magazines to get some inspiration about becoming a better expressionist of my thoughts, and to get some ideas, such as this posting, because the blessed muses are MIA.  Maybe they didn’t appreciate my management style.  My apologies to you, my darling muses, please, please think about coming back and joining me back in North Carolina.  It is getting a bit too hot for comfort.  I cannot believe I just said that.

This was a sight to behold last Good Friday.  My reward for being a good girl.  I was doing some chores in my kitchen and suddenly I saw something moving in the bushes and when I looked, there they were.  Bambi and his daddy.  Only could take a picture of Mr. Big Bambi, because the bambino had his head down, always munching on the bushes.  Happy family.  Mami Bambi must have been doing dishes or something because she was nowhere to be seen.  One the very pleasant surprises life always delivers to me without any warnings.  Lovely!

Now, going back to the boycott of some of those words, do you think I am allowed to use some of those words and still consider myself a writer?

This is getting a bit more complicated than when I started…In my first posting I typed my whole posting on the title space because I so didn’t  know what the heck I was doing to start with, but kept on typing and then pressed “publish.”  And that gave birth to this, what I consider to be a very happy and very nice looking blog.

So it was today, 24th April, 2011…another day of learning to be a writer…

Your Happy Contessa

“It is easier when you know how.”  Someone in old Egypt, according to Ron.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

6 thoughts on “To be…or not to be…a writer…seriously…

  1. Ok Lindsay, you are always adding spice to the soup. I just don’t know how to begin answering your comment. I am still laughing…I guess I guessed as any other typical humanoid. Making assumptions. You are right, maybe that was the mami deer, and the daddy deer was doing the dishes. Let’s leave their love lives up to them. I just admire them and let them be. Thank you for adding another angle to my visions. I know I can count on you to do that. Until tomorrow…

  2. Usually animal with antlers grow them prior to mating season for fighting for the females. Deer are in the category that drop their horns each year (in the woods) and regrow them prior to the next mating season. During Spring, the males will have horns. (thus the term horny is actually a woodsmen term). My son-in-law has lots of them hanging on the walls in their house. There is another way to tell, but you must get very close. Some animals have them year around and they keep getting bigger and bigger (goats for example) Some mountain goats in Asia actually have elongated horns that come around and impale the animal in the head after many years. Both sexes also have them in many animals like horned cows for example.

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