Great surprise of my day…

Life is full of surprises…and today I received a very nice and happy one.  My daughter and her boyfriend were in Durham for a class reunion and on Sunday morning they surprised me with a visit.  They came bearing gifts.  I love my cutest bear and my “very favorite from now on” bag.  It felt like Christmas morning.  I have a lot of Christmas mornings throughout the year.  And I love them.

For mothers, children are the apple of our eyes.  What exactly does that mean?  I have yet to see an apple in the middle of anyone’s eyes, but that saying must have a powerful meaning, because we all use it.  For me it means that you are the most important thing in my life.  There it is.  Very meaningful.  I am saying for mothers, because I have never been a father, but I guess the meaning goes for them also.

It makes us all very happy when we see our children.  There is no parallel feeling created with the same meaning.  It does not matter how old our children get, they are always our babies.  I am 62+ young and my mother says she sees me as when I was a baby.  My mother has an incredible imagination.  But going back to what I was saying before, when  I see my daughter I see the beautiful baby she was.  Now she is an incredible gorgeous young woman.   Thanks sweetheart for the very lovely surprise!

On another subject matter…do you have a designated bunker just in case tornado alley pays you a visit?  This is my very personal bunker with guess what…a toilet!!  Last Saturday night we had so many thunderstorms, that I had to stop watching my recorded soaps and move over to my bunker.  I was ready to face the consequences of lighting, thunders and come to think of it, I need to make room for a mattress to cover myself in case my house decides to crumble under the stress.  It has to be a mini-mattress because as you can see, there’s hardly any space for anything much.  I can read, twist and turn plenty of times for circulation sake, so I don’t die from a circulation problem instead of a tornado adventure.  All and all this was my life for the past two days.  Hope yours were as exciting and happy as mine.

So it was today and last Saturday, April 10th, 2011…

Your Happy Contessa

“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”  Goethe, German poet, novelist, playwright and natural philosopher.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Great surprise of my day…

    1. Bunker is all clear until next time. Need to search for the mini-mattress. It was a wonderful and beautiful surprise. Thanks for the gifts also. But mostly, I was very happy to see you and JB.

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