Missions being accomplished…

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011…

You know we are just opening our senses to spring.  The creative juices have been hibernating, and the urge to make our homes look nice and pretty is just emerging from the cold and darkness of winter.

So…I went to our local nursery and bought a small-sized yellow petunia plant.  My house is yellow and that’s my favorite color.  Sunny and happy.  Just like me…sometimes.  I also purchased two stacks of pine needles.  Need to spruce up my front yard, because I am still in my quest to move to Florida, so the house is for sale.  Need to make it look very appealing to the forever evasive buyers.  I don’t know what people do with the flyers they take from the dispenser.  I tell my real estate agent that maybe they use as toilet paper, because they just disappear, but no sale yet.  Hard toilet paper, but maybe they put some softener.  I don’t know.  I am just guessing.  A bit of frustration is percolating in my thinking.

This is how my welcoming front door looks now.  Yellow, yellow and more yellow. 

The grass is still dormant.  It is taking its time to convert to green, in spite of being sprayed the other day with the color green.  The rain washed the dye away.  But I already did what I could to help with the transferring of ownership of this house to next occupant.  I am done here.  Need to move on to a new adventure.  Anyone looking to buy a nice house with three toilets?  Tomorrow I am going to get on my 6′ step ladder to wash the front of the house.  Vive la spring!

  This is totally unrelated to all said before.  Miss Raylene gave me some oranges.  I was reluctant to try them, because sometimes oranges can be a bit tart.  But yesterday out of desperation because I ran out of snacks, I took one orange and peeled with my hands and put a piece in my mouth…and the angels in heaven started singing a beautiful tune.  I had never tasted a sweeter orange in my life!  I love these oranges.  I gulped the first one in less than a minute, I think.  A toast to sweet oranges.  Muchas gracias Miss Raylene.  Let me add that the scent from the orange peel is just intoxicating, but in the most exquisite way. 

A close-up of one of the branches of a dogwood tree we saw this morning during our walkabout.  Sometimes I feel like a bird wanting to sing the beauties of spring.  It is a magnificent season…

I guess today I feel I have accomplished some minor tasks I had on my list of things to do for today.  Poco a poco…little by little.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  Use your imagination for the parallel symbolism here.  I have never eaten or plan to eat elephants.

So it was today…another glorious day in my quest for significance.

Your Happy Contessa

“You are only as good as the questions you ask.”  From a business magazine I subscribe to.  Now I really have to think hard before I open my mouth.  No stupid questions allowed.  As I said before, let them think that I am dumb, than open my mouth and remove any doubt.  We can make life sooo complicated!

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5 thoughts on “Missions being accomplished…

  1. Hello 🙂
    Could you possibly tell me the colour and brand of the paint you used for your front door! I live in Canada and love your look.
    Thank you!

    1. Dear Kathleen, I am so sorry I did not reply to your question sooner. I just saw your comment. Been away from my blog for too long. That color on the door was the builder’s choice and he never game me the color or where he got it. I sold that lovely home seven years ago. Again, my apologies. Best wishes.

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