My search for significance…

When one of the most important thoughts of my day is “I need to clean the toilets,” all I can say is wow!  Do I have real problems.  I have three toilets in my little house.  Why the heck do I have so many of them?  Some people in the world don’t have any.  A little hole in the ground does the job.  But I live in a civilized society, so I need three toilets.  How many derrieres do I have?  A disappearing one!

This made me think this morning that…I need to get a life with less toilets.  Need to occupy my mind with other things.  Not important things, but things of significance.  That’s the difference.  I blog (really, it is a lot of babbling), try to eat healthy, clean my house, and clean it again.  And, oh yes, clean the toilets!  So much vacuuming is pulling the carpet away from the walls.  The dust recycles itself inside the house I don’t know how many times;  I also watch college basketball.  Sadly, season is coming to an end today.  I take lots of pictures to share with y’all, color my hair, read a lot, watch my Spanish soaps (leave those alone), etc., etc.

All in all I am busy most of the time, but I feel a need for something more.  Busy does not mean to me being accomplished.  Maybe that’s my problem.  I like to dig deeper and deeper, and one of these days, I am going to dig so deep, that there will be no way back.  Just kidding.  Maybe I’ll find some diamonds.  But I don’t like diamonds, I like pearls.  Well, I’ll go dig in the ocean.  Where is this going?  

I am in a quest to find something to do that will allow me to be so profoundly immersed on whatever it is that I’ll be doing, that toilets will not even enter my list of important things to do.  Just on the things to do list, very low on the list.  Perspective here is good.

As you can tell, this is a conundrum.  I am in the middle of it.  What should I do?  No one can tell me that.  I need to figure that out for myself.  My priorities are just that, mine.  You have your own set to take care of.

In the meantime, I will continue blabbing, taking pictures to share with you and to ponder on what mission I will be on to next with the different routes that I am taking in my journey.  I am searching and looking forward to what surprises may be in storage for me to discover. 

I am a woman with a mission.

Let’s talk about nature for a few seconds now.  You know that I have been showing you beautiful sights of nature, unmatchable to anything else.  Well, last night our neighborhood had some high winds and lots of rain.  It was really bad, but I was so taken with my allergies that I could have cared less if I ended up in Kansas to visit Dorothy and Toto.  But not so Miss Raylene’s beautiful garden. 

This is what happened to her beautiful pear tree.  Around 4:30 am she heard a loud bam,  and this is what she found this morning.  The big branch landed at about less than an inch of her beautiful new car.  Nature is beautiful, but it can be very destructive at the same time also.  I guess just like the rest of us.  Miss Raylene and her car are doing well, thank you very much.

So it was today, Tuesday, April 5th, 2011…another day to be grateful for.

Your Happy Contessa

“Entre Ser o no ser…yo soy.”  “Between to be or not to be…I am.”  From one of my soaps.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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