Pavlovian conditioning…and el mango…

This morning, Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 made me ponder on something I read long ago, about Ivan Pavlov.  This Russian doctor was conducting an experiment about training dogs to respond automatically to the ringing of a bell to indicate that the dogs automatically started salivating prior to eating their food.  Through the stimulus of the ringing of the bell, he had them to the point that every time he rang a bell, they would start salivating, even if they were hungry or not.  

Let’s tie the experiment to my case.  Today, Sunday April 3rd, I am reading the March 31st, Thursday’s newspaper.  Why is that?  I have been having problems with the delivery of my newspaper.  Last Monday the paper was delivered around 4:00 pm.  So Thursday paper came around 11:00 am, when I was leaving for my outing with Miss Raylene to go to Raleigh.  I read Friday and Saturday’s papers keeping Thursday intact, for an emergency case.  And it happened today, Sunday.

I think I have been conditioned throughout all my years to accept things without getting too excited,  but it is actually happening now.  When I call to report that my newspaper is late, I am not that upset, which made me think this morning that, wow!  Life has taken an interesting turn.

Even my breakfast turned out pretty meager this morning.  The plantain was not that big, and look at the results.  Pretty slim breakfast.  But I accepted the fact, ate it with my more bitter than usual coffee and went about my chores.  As they say in french, c’est la vie!

I am surprised sometimes at my reaction to some situations.  I don’t seem to get too excited about things that would have me blowing my lid some years ago.  Do you think I have adopted the Pavlovian conditioning system as a way of life?  When things don’t turn out the way they are supposed to, I just go chillin.  It is good for some things, but not so good for others.  I need to recheck my neurons to see what’s going on up there.  Even though,  this passive resistance to things is very calming and soothing.  But reading Thursday’s paper on Sunday…I don’t know.  But I love the comics.  I also learned that the winter Arctic ice coverage tied for lowest ever recorded.  Not so good for the Polar Bears.  I am not the only one with problems it seems.

Now, don’t think I am in limbo land.  I keep up every so often during the day with the cable channels to check if we still exist as a planet.  You never know what’s going on, when I am oblivious to everything while dancing to burn calories.

El mango...nothing to do with Pavlov...

 I bought this mango last Saturday.  I am using it today in my salad for lunch.  I love mangoes.

This is my mango in its different stages.  Peeling, cutting and then taking whatever is left on the big seed and using my teeth to extract all the juices and pulp still left.  Make sure you have dental floss handy.  Lots of pulp, but it is sooo good!!  There you have my second mango experience this year.  First one was poached mango.  It was ok. 

After all,  things are not that bad in my little castle.  No newspaper as of yet.  When and if I get it, I will save it for next Sunday.  🙂 

So it was another Sunday in …Happyville, and waiting patiently for the next shoe to drop.

Your Happy Contessa

Happiness is a journey–not a destination.  Enjoy your journey every day.

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3 thoughts on “Pavlovian conditioning…and el mango…

  1. As somebody that studies the climate every day, I can report that the satellites have been recording the polar ice caps (both) thickness and extent and the arctic is quite a bit above the 30 year average. At various times, groups wanting additional federal grant money make erroneous claims so they can study them some more. Climate science has a lot of charlatans and a willing press more than eager to sensationalize them. Have no fear the polar bear population is at between 25,000 and 30,000 now and was at around 5,000 in 1960. The sky is not falling.

    1. Thanks for that clarification. I was worried for a moment about the cute looking polar bears. They are really multiplying! Good for them. Keeping warm with each other has some fringe benefits for humankind. Have you seen any gators yet?

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