April 1st, I feel good,…tararara…

Remember, I always write this post the day before.  Today, April 1st, 2011, hurrah!  I am still here to see another April’s Fool Day!!  Good or bad, I don’t know yet.  I am in very good spirits.  Didn’t go to walk today, too cold and too much stuff to give me the perfect allergy attack.

So I decided to burn some calories and put on my indian music, salsa, and merengue, and there I went. 

I really love all my different kinds of music, but here I was dancing to an indian song titled Kajra Re by Alisha Chinai, I just love that song.  I spent about one hour give and take trying to burn all those calories that have been insulting my skinny jeans for a while now.

Here’s another shot of the same dance, another stance.  Ahhhh!!!!!

Here I am singing along the music, which makes me run out of breath faster.  There was a moment that my legs started shaking and I prayed to the Almighty to let me finish the dance without having to dial 911.  Have to train my 62+ year old-heart to be tough.  One of these days, it will put me through the test, but until then, dancing, singing and having fun is part of my beautiful life.

So it was today, a great day to have fun and burn some calories too…  I love my life!!

Hey, make it a very happy weekend…as always, and I’ll see you Monday.

Your Happy Contessa

Wardrobe courtesy of my own closet.  The photos were taken from a self-made video.  My little Flip camcorder is awesome!  If the entertainment doesn’t come to me, I create my own entertainment.

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

8 thoughts on “April 1st, I feel good,…tararara…

    1. Hola Lucy! Loca pero feliz. Thanks so much for keeping up with me. It motivates me to write, which I love. Let me translate. My friend says that I may appear to be crazy, but she enjoys reading the blog every day. I responded to her; crazy, but happy. Thanks for keeping up with my adventures. Love you.

    1. Hi dear Christy! Just this afternoon was thinking about you. Really. I am glad I make you smile and lighten up. That’s why the angels can fly. They take themselves lightly. Hope you are doing well. My pleasure bringing you joy!

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