Being happy or content just because…

I have come to the conclusion that happiness is a state of mind.  Now you have it, now you don’t.  It is better if you have more of “now you have it” moments than the alternative.

Just now while thinking about what I should write for my next posting, I had a surge of happy energy.  Just felt it.  Don’t even remember what was behind the surge.  Not a hot flash.  Way over that, except when I am sleeping and my brain gets a sudden message that there are too many covers on top of me and I am next to being suffocated.  Then this heat wave wakes me up and the cool down mode is on.  Then…back to the saddle again with all my covers.  On and off and so on.  The fringe benefits of having had too many happy birthdays.

Back to the title of the posting.  Just being able to have virtual friends that I have never met, and those that I personally know, gives me a sense of feeling as an accomplished human being.  It is funny, that the things that don’t have any materialistic value or are intangible, can give you such a happy feeling.  It is true.  That’s a good thing because we are not, I repeat, we are not taking any of it with us in our final journey.  You know I am talking about stuff.

I am always grateful for the incredible goodness and blessings I have had, have right now, and will have in my future.

I also think that the feeling of sudden joy I had is due in part because I just printed my taxes, even though I have to pay, at least I am grateful that the printer was working, because some days it gets very temperamental, just like the owner, that I had enough paper to print on, that I had electricity to make it all work, and because in spite of being cold and rainy outside, I am able to be content and warm in my little castle.  Now I need to move on to cleaning the bathroom.  Oh, oh, that happy feeling just left the building.  Maybe the bathroom can wait another day, week?  I’ll ponder on that one.  The bathroom, come to think of it, looks decent enough.

To wrap it up, I am going to do something else that will be good for me and will make me happy.  I am going to practice my Indian dancing.  I just love their music.  Arebaba!

So it was today, Monday, March 28th, 2011, a content and happy day…

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  My Indian soap is almost coming to its end.  I am searching to buy its dvd that is being made.  Love the intrigue, knaveries, suspense, wisdom, comedy, drama, dancing, romance and the music, all mixed together for great entertainment.  Thanks God for        iTunes because I have been able to download their music.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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