Cockamamie story of Eve, Adam and the…Snake…

I know I am going to rock some boats with this posting, but if boats are not rocking, they are not moving, so I am helping to make progress in the waters of fantasy land.  

This morning during my walk with Miss Raylene, yes,  she’s back again walking with me, we saw this baby snake.  It was still alive and looking to test her baby teeth.  We made sure the testing was not done with any one of us.  Distance, please.

But by now you know how my mind works.  I pondered right away.  Do you really believe the little story of Eve, that she was tempted by a snake (symbolism here helps) and then the she-evil Eve tempted the forever weakling Adam.  This story never ends.  Throughout history, we women are made to be leaders when it is convenient, and evil when it is convenient also, and so on.  We have come a long way, baby, and have a long way to go.

Historians, let me get on your faces and tell you very loudly, YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.  Either we are the strong being that had the audacity and intelligence to convince Adam (the poor thing) to eat an apple to screw up all of humanity, or we are the mean little creatures that have been taking the blame for something called sin since the beginning of time.  What’s the definition of sin, anyways.  And then, according to whom. 

Could it be the possibility that Eve was going to take a bite of an apple, and you know how we women are, saw Adam’s face showing that he was hungry too, let him have some of the apple out of compassion, and then BAM!  Sin was born.  Was someone watching really close to what was going on and listening to the conversation during this incredible significant for all of humanity moment.  Only the snake.  How convenient.

Look at this innocent fruit.  It is good for you, has a lot of fiber, Vitamin C and other benefits, but, noooo, “they” had to take something good and make it evil.  The figure of Eve is a conundrum for all of us.  Was she so dumb to believe that a snake could talk to her, or was she so brilliant to make her dumb husband Adam take a bite and change the whole course of the history of humankind.  It is mind-blowing.  Conspiracy theories working full-time here and now.

I better stop, because I realized I opened the Pandora box.  Too much stuff in there.  Have to drag some out at some other time.

What the sight of an innocent baby snake brought out in the way I interpret things.

Let’s go now, to change the subject, and take a look at some of the sights (pretty ones) of this morning’s walk.

These are some amazing wisteria.  One on the left was used as a vine on top of a trellis to welcome you to a secret garden, and one on the right was planted as a stand alone tree.  Both beautiful!

Left, another beautiful North Carolina sky this afternoon, and on the right, a robin trying to talk to me this morning.  He/she just wouldn’t leave, until I took a few shots.

It is a beautiful life…

So it was today, March 24, 2011, another day in paradise, wherever you may be…

Your Happy Contessa

“If what you believe works for you, perfect!”  “Diversity in the mindset is a beautiful thing.”  Both quotes by moi.

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