It felt like it was Christmas this morning…

This is the main reason why.  Finally, I was able to take various photographs of one of my very elusive cardinals.  Still looking for the blue birds, but this one made me so excited.  I had two sights.  One close to my house and the other one in my own backyard!

Here are Thelma and Mabel talking to each other about their plans for the day.  Fresh worms anyone?  What’s the best place to get them, but they have to be organic, you know, and cheap.  With the economy the way it is, we have to buckle up.  Besides, you look a bit on the overweight size.  Too many feathers?  Do you think these birds communicate they way we do, or they don’t mind those superfluous things?  I hope they do not worry about the things we do.  The last thing I need to see is a stressed-out bird.  How do stressed-out birds look like?  Maybe too much flying or jumping from tree to tree.  I have to stop it now.  Too much imagination, but then Einstein said it was more important to have imagination than knowledge.  I always knew I was special.

This is what I opened my eyes to this morning.  The moon!  From my bed.  Now you know one of the reasons why it felt like Christmas this morning.  So much happiness and pretty things to share with all of you.  I would have had a better image, but laziness kept me in bed longer and this is what I was able to come up with.  Not that bad.  Time?  7:13 am.

These are sights from my neighborhood.  The one on the left must be related to the rose family, but it is not a rose-bush.  Stunningly beautiful!  One on the right looks like a weeping willow, but it must be a weeping cherry tree.  It is beautiful.  Soft pink color to delight us all.

In case you may be wondering, the taxes must be paid, so I am just getting over it and dealing with it with grace.  I don’t know how much the shaking is going to be when I sign that check.  I just finished adjusting my withholding;  didn’t like this type of surprise.  It is better to hurt little by little every month, than a smack on my face (many smacks may I say) come April 2012.  Do you think we’ll still be here?  The Mayans didn’t think so.  Theme for another posting.

So it was today, March 23, 2011 a beautiful full of different kinds-of-polen day.  Achuuu!  Is it that how it sounds when we sneeze?  You get the idea.

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Ohhh happy days…ohhh happy days…

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2 thoughts on “It felt like it was Christmas this morning…

  1. Female cardinals are usually very aggressive to each other. We used to see them going at each other all the time at the Inn. We had a Buick that the could sit on a ledge and see themselves in the mirror. During mating season, they would fling themselves against the reflection time and time again thinking it was another female. We had a great feeder that would stick onto the window with suction cups and they would come right up and feed during the guest’s breakfast. The parents would brush seed down onto the window ledge until the chicks were good enought flyers to land on the little stands on the feeder.

    1. Sounds like you are describing human females or males. We need to be aggressive, with anyone that feels like a threat, even if it is another female. Survival of the species. Thank you for the lovely description of feeding time with their chicks. I am sure you have many other nice stories to tell when you and Nancy used to be inkeepers. Thanks for reading, Lindsay.

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