Only in the land of plenty…USA…

This is not one of my pretty pictures.  Some of those later.  During my walk with Miss Raylene this morning, we came up to this sight.  A Queen Anne chair.  The sign said “Free.”  I must admit, it needs some caring, nails, cleaning and some glue.  After some time invested in the improvement of this piece, it should go back to be as nice and appealing as it was when the owners originally bought it.

But here in our beloved land of plenty, we are somehow what I call, the disposable society.  If we the “elderly” don’t watch it, our “ready to dispose of everything” family will make us a soon to be disposed of item.  Just like that chair.  Nursing homes anyone?  I am not passing judgement here.  I rather be in a nursing home, hopefully it will have lovely paintings, and a staff that is mostly in a good mood, than put my family through stress.  Just make sure there is cable tv, for my Spanish soaps.  Cannot live without those.

Going back to the chair, I think, again, that the discards we see often on the road are a reflection of our restlessness with the need to have more, newer, and always be on the go society.  People don’t like to stay at home and enjoy their kingdom.  That’s why shopping malls are so attractive.  They drain your brain and your wallet.  But, different strokes for different folks.  I know some of you, or one of you must be thinking why I didn’t take the chair and worked on it.  Well, hoarding is not one of my hobbies.  Remember my garage?

A description of Utopia or Nirvana for me is a place that human relationships and stimulating conversations are the centerpiece of life, rather than this need that we all have to acquire the latest whatever it is.  Bigger is better, and being broke beats a good savings account.  I am sounding a bit not on the sunny side up today, but remember, my reflections are my reflections.  Life is about joy, sadness, pondering, being compassionate, being assertive and most of all expressing our observations, without any fear of retaliation.

Let’s go back to pretty things.  This is a section of Miss Raylene and the very temperamental artist, Mr. Richard’s backyard.  It is like a little park.  There is a laughing Buddha in there always smiling at you.  Do you know why the Buddha is always laughing?  Because he thinks is funny that we believe that life should be without any problems.  That’s very laughable to him.  I think he has a very good point.

These two tulips in all their splendor were waving at us this morning.  The color just takes your breath away.

So it was today, Monday, March 21st, the second day of Spring, 2011.

Your Happy Contessa

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  Albert Einstein

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Only in the land of plenty…USA…

  1. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. Your brain is wired way too sophisticated for my very primitive brain waves. Do you want people to shoot at me? I like that phrase though. “Free is too expensive.” You may have something there. Thanks for reading and making me laugh.

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