First day of Spring…2011


Beautiful sign of the new season...

Finally, it has arrived!  I have been waiting with such an excited anticipation.  The calendar says “First Day of Spring.”  Cannot believe it,  I am able to see another first day of Spring.

What does it mean?  It is just as any other Sunday?  No way!  This is a special Sunday.  While preparing to make coffee, I opened my curtains and saw a cardinal!!!!!  Tried to get my cheap chic camera with its weak powerful lense, but by the time I made it back to the sliding door, the beautiful red spot had moved.  Ron told me once that the red cardinal is the male and the brown is the female.  Nature has arranged this so the mami can blend with nature without attracting attention, so she can take care of her children without them being hurt.  The perfection of nature.


Then I saw a tiny bluebird!  It was really tiny, with fresh feathers.  How could I tell it had fresh feathers?  It was a baby bird.

The trees still look the same, well, not all of them.  I have been sharing sights of my neighborhood with you, so the pear, cherry and others are in full swing, but the ones on my backyard still look dormant.  Some of them are waking up, but they are taking their time.  No hurry.  Before we know it, it will be Fall again.  What a spoiler thought.

All and all I feel energized.  I am looking around for things to do during spring cleaning, starting with the “black hole” (my garage).  But today, I am just pretending it is still Winter and taking it very easy.  I have such a big bag of excuses and they are classified.  Divided and sub-divided.  Neat.

What are you up to for this fabulous grand time of the year.  New thoughts, new clothes, new projects and maybe new attitude.  Need a lot of adjustment on mine.  Anyone up to buying a house in a quite nice town.  Buy my house, save a desperate soul.  Need to move closer to the Equator.   Need a new latitude address.

Cherry tree in all its glory...from my walk last Saturday

So it was today, Sunday, March 20th, first day of Spring…

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  Both illustrations of birds are courtesy of my “Complete Field Guide to American Wildlife.”

P.S. #2 -I feel great!  Duke is going to the Sweet Sixteen!

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “First day of Spring…2011

    1. No, I am waiting for you to come this way so I can take a perfect picture of a snowbird. Just kidding. No, those creatures had fast wings. I am patiently waiting. One of these days.

  1. Ahhh Thank you thank you! I FORGOT to notice! My head was still down taking the brunt of chill winds and the clothes I’m choosing were still largely brown and black! Thank you for bringing Spring!!!!!

    1. Hi Crystal! I am glad to welcome back Spring. It is a beautiful time of the year. So many fresh colors! I need to change the color scheme on my clothes also. But weather is too unpredictable yet. Thanks for reading and giving me your lovely feedback.

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