Ego buster…

As you already know, I am watching this soap opera (novela) called “India, A Love Story,”  that takes place in Brazil, Dubai and India.    The following scene was played in yesterday’s episode.

The CEO of this big conglomerate (Cadore) is just coming into his office.  His assistant (a man) started talking to him about business, and right then the Corporate Lawyer (a gorgeous young woman, who is Cadore’s lover also) comes in and the assistant immediately leaves the office.  He said to her, “we need to talk,” and she says, “I guess.”  To make the short moment shorter yet, he is trying to close the affair making excuses, and she says to him “look, you are married to a crazy woman, and besides I don’t want to waste my time discussing this any longer.  This case is closed, so I’ll see you tomorrow for business as usual.”  She leaves the room and there walks in again his assistant and looks at the puzzled face of Cadore, and he asks “what happened to you,” and Cadore says…”I guess I am not as important as I think I was.”  What a moment for eternity.  The dumper becomes the dumped without any crying, claiming,  or fanfare on behalf of the female figure.  And she is the dumper.   We should have more moments like that one in real life.

Now, going back to the phrase “I guess I am not as important as I think I was.”  Wow!!  I love that phrase.  It will become one of my favorites for self-use to help keep me grounded.  Look again at the picture at the beginning of this posting.  That was my daughter’s interpretation of me in 1992.  I just noticed now, nineteen years later,  that she put some light lines under the eyes, ie., bags.  I thought I just had acquired them recently, but it goes to show me that they have always been there.  I feel sorry for my ego, but I love her interpretation of me.  I think it is priceless.  It was an English Class project.  She was talking about her mom, one of her favorite persons.

Going back to that famous phrase, sometimes we think we can walk on water, but I read in a book, that if I thought I was so important, to try to float on water as a simple straw can.   That also helped me at that time to keep me humble. 

I guess the moral of the story is that even in novelas you can keep on learning and remembering important things that need to be remembered.  Now, on the other hand, yes, I am important up to the point that I don’t lose touch with reality.  And who determines my reality… moi.  That’s where it gets dangerous.  My reality right now is that the word counter is happy, and so am I.  Hope you got something out of this posting.  I enjoyed typing it and right now I have a big smile on my face.  I am done for today!

Your very important person,

Happy Contessa

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