Winter has taken over…


The time was early 90’s in Herndon, Virginia.  As you will notice I am not abbreviating the State of Virginia as VA.  Just to please my word counter nanobeing inside my computer.  Back to the picture.  I remember that day vividly.  I got so claustrophobic inside the house that I put on my coat, boots and grabbed a shovel and went out to do something.  Ron said, “are you crazy, you won’t even make a dent.  You’ll have a heart attack.”  I looked at him as I used to do so many times, very silent and just kept on going.  I thought, it is either I go out there and release some red aura, or someone will have to call an ambulance.

This is the way it looked from inside my living room.  We couldn’t go anywhere.  I think we had milk, bread, and other things to eat, and television to watch, but the tempers (mine and my ego) were running really high.  Boredom had reached its peak.  Have you ever seen a lion in a cage?  That’s how I felt.  I was going through my menopausing stage at that time, so I used to become this beast that sometimes even I wouldn’t recognize.  Ron and Milagros used to disappear from my sight when this other animal would take my place.  After the episode finished, I would look back and said to myself, “wow! that was bad.”  But repeating episodes was a normal thing at our household.  Happyville was not even on the map at that time.  I didn’t know of such a place.  I am so glad I got to that destination a few years ago.  I feel so bad for Milagros and for Ron for putting up with me while I was going through such a difficult period in my life.  But I did not want to take any “make me feel like another person” pill.  You know how is the merry-go-round game of pills.  They get you going with one tiny sweet looking pill, and then when you wake up from the nightmare, you have a whole pharmacy in your cabinet.  Forget about getting rid of them.  Mission Impossible. 

Of course, I am not suggesting every person is like me.  Thanks God for that!  Only one of me the world can take at a time.  Were we talking about winter here?  Oh yes.  I can only empathize with all the people who are going through such an ordeal right now and I pray that  you have peace, peace and more peace as you are going through this rough, difficult time.

Best wishes for some sun and warm weather.

Your Happy Contessa

 P.S.  Eventually Ron and Milagros came out later to do some shoveling and after a while Ron  walked to the 7-11 place about 1/2 a mile from the house to get some ciggies, and donuts.  We all felt good after releasing some energy, so hot cocoa and some donuts made a nice winter memory for all of us.  I think.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Winter has taken over…

  1. You are a joy and you crack me up! I look forward to reading your post everyday. There is so much wisdom to be gained, mostly, don’t take yourself too seriously!

    1. Glad you are having fun while reading. The angels can fly because they take themselves lightly. The wisdom comes from having been through 62 years, 3 months and some days of experiencing the game of life. Thanks for reading. I love all and each one of my audience. They motivate me to keep on posting, even without the muses. I’ll get even with them when they return, hopefully they will. 🙂

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