My winter retreat…

Welcome to my favorite winter spot.  It is the warmest, brightest and most  welcoming spot to an always cold body in my house.  Here I take in my daily doses of Vitamin D (whenever the clouds allow the center of our planetary system to shine through), ponder on things to do or not to, and feel grateful that at least I have this place upstairs (that’s why it is warmer) to escape to whenever the views from the windows downstairs are so depressing.  No sun, no warm feeling, not so hot for my usually happy and content person.  Here I concoct what I would like to see materialized in my life.  The resolutions are somewhere hidden under one of those books.  Dreams, accomplishments and resolutions are totally different things for moi.  Sometimes they cross each other’s paths, but very briefly. 

Today the muse that usually inspires me with a funny line called a few minutes ago, from some rest stop on I-95 South.  She is driving as fast as she can, probably will get to the Keys and keep on driving herself into the ocean.  It is spicy cold (noticed I used a new word?) even in Florida.  My sister in the Dominican Republic tells me that it is very cold there also.  I subscribed to Skype for a 120 minutes rationalizing that I could talk to her 30 minutes a week, but those are gone in just one conversation.  Does anyone know of a very cheap way to call a cel phone in the DR?  Ok, let’s go back to the cold issue.  Let’s try to revisit the South Pole theory again, shall we?  Or how about the Equator?  Maybe I will start my list of those countries to keep in mind for next time.

I am reading books on Julia Child, Martha Stewart and some guru guy to keep my mind motivated and focussed on the important things in life.  Food, beautiful surroundings and peace of mind.

With that note, today is just another great day, rain, shine, snow and whatever else.  

Make it happen!  Whatever that is for you.

Your Happy Contessa

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “My winter retreat…

    1. It was really hard today to get my mind set to go to the CC. But I said Mon, Wed and Fri. So to keep my word to self, I grudgenly got an awful looking outfit (it looked worse than the PJs I had taken off), and there I went. Oh, oh, more people than probably were downtown at that time. No baseball cap, showing my age at around 72, tried to hide my face, but I needed to keep my head out of the top to see the trail, so had to walk. I pretended I didn’t know who I was, to keep walking for 30 minutes. Made it! Now I rest two days, and do it again on Monday. Snow storm anytime?
      Thanks for keeping up. Get better soon!

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