Not today…

This is the most expensive piece of equipment I have ever purchased in my life.  I had to buy the house to get it.  So today it has become the handiest one ever.  No batteries or electricity needed.  Just legs and the will to go up, down, up, down.  I figure that because my walking partner and I decided not to walk outside today (the wind puts the temperature in the 20’s),  I had to be creative.

Last night, before falling asleep, I figured that if I go up and down twice every fifteen minutes, that should help me to avoid getting my derriere grow sideways and to a larger size.  Even though God knows I could use some help in that department.  But let’s keep it at that for the moment.

The things one has to do to keep alert, alive and motivated.  Otherwise, I could jump in my car right now and hit I-95 South as fast as I could.  But the reasonable thing to do at this moment is just be still and keep warm.  I have to venture out today, to mail Christmas greetings, pay my water bill (today is the last day before I pay a penalty) and get some food.  The chicken soup is long gone, and oatmeal for breakfast and dinner is getting old.

There you have a glimpse on one cold day of my life.  But, I am grateful that I am still around for whatever reasons I need to be.

Have a sunny and warm day.

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  I learned how to do spell check!  It was killing me every time I spotted a typo.  Let’s hope it gets better.  Even though the principle of GIGO still applies.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Not today…

  1. My brother walks every day and when it is too cold or hot, he goes to the mall or Lowes and walks there. It is always good weather inside and lots of the same folks there every day as a social element.

    1. Good idea. The closest thing I have is WallyWorld. I go there and go through all the aisles to make up for the daily sun worshipping routine. The closest I get to socializing there is that I alredy know all the greeters and some of the cashiers. As you can tell, I have a very exciting social life. Just kidding, but not too far from the truth. Thanks for keeping up with my doings.

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