Oh Muse where thou are….or where are thou…

Went for the daily walk with my walking buddy, even though it was high 20’s when I last looked on television.  I thought, are my lungs and brain going to be able to cope with this shock to my system or am I creating my demise before my time is up?  Stay with me.  The darling muse of the creative thoughts is just peeking through the door.  She is not too coopertive this morning.  Maybe didn’t like the weather.

To blog or not to…that is the question.  Here we go.

Life is like a classroom, you decide at what grade you are going to get stuck (like I am right now with the uncooperative muse) or if you want to make it to the next grade level.  If we keep repeating the same mistakes, the teacher is not going to promote you and there you are over and over again.  Your friends have moved to the next grade level, and there you are with the donkey hat, without realizing that it depends on you to move on in life.  You should hear my laughter right now.  Something is ringing a bell in my head.  What mistakes should I focus on, that one or the other one.  So many mistakes and so little time to analyze.  Well, I will just drag my mistakes with me and pretend they belong to somebody else.

The bottom line of this lesson,  cannot think the proper word for this case, you know when you read a story and the principle you are supposed to grab after you finish reading is the….moral, that’s it.  Had to think in spanish and then the brain translated to english, but had to check Webster first.  My best buddy right now.  Oh, yes, let me continue with my evasive thought.  So the moral of the story is you cannot be a new you thinking and holding on to the way you used to think and do.  New way or thought, new you.  Easier said than done, especially after many many happy birthdays. 

Wow, today’s posting really drained me out.  I have to re-read this one to see if I get it.  Let’s hope tomorrw the other muse is more cooperative than this one.

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

3 thoughts on “Oh Muse where thou are….or where are thou…

    1. You are such a diplomat. We look cool. The other pictures closeup and personal, I don’t know what aliens got in my nose. I need to practice taking those pictures with my arm stretched. Do they sell arm stretchers?

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