It could be for me one day…

Yesterday, when I was paying my almost daily tribute (visit) to my favorite big rectangular box looking giant, I passed by the canned goods section and my local Food Pantry place came into mind.  I remembered when  Ron and I used to take supplies to them once in a while, but I have not been back since Ron converted into beautiful energy.

It helped that the goods were on sale, so I picked my favorites, corn and peas.  Then went to the breakfast aisle and got these mixes for pancakes.  No contribution to obesity on my account.  No sweet stuff that is not good for anyone or for their teeth.  Remember, I just finished paying my contribution to my favorite dentist, so I know how painful it is to depart with your dinero.

Anyways, let me not get carried away here.   I know for sure that all of us are good stewards, but sometimes picking a few canned goods and whatever else comes to your mind, will make a big difference in the lives of people that are right now facing a challenging situation.  Today it is them, tomorrow, it could be me.  Who knows.

You should have seen the line when I went to deliver the goodies.  I returned to my car and cried and pondered about those people’s lives.  Let’s share the blessings.

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  I know your mind.  Pancake mix?  It was the best next thing, compared to the sugar coated stuff.  Cereal?  Sometimes there is no milk available, and pancake can be dinner.  Try putting some of the corn in the mix.  Very versatile.  I was full of good intentions.  Believe me.

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2 thoughts on “It could be for me one day…

  1. Your generosity at times put me to shame. I need to add this to my to do list for the month. Thank you for the reminder.

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