Clothes…do they help you or date you…

A few years ago I was visiting with my trendy daughter and she made this observation “mami, don’t start dressing like a little old lady.”  I told her that the outfit I was wearing made me feel comfortable.  She responded, “yes, comfortable, but they date you.”  Another enlightened moment of my life.

Since then I always think about her and that statement every time I am about to purchase a piece of clothing.  I am 62, but…want to look good.  The lines on the face, well, that’s another masterpiece of writing.  Later.

I am into looking cool and classy.  I have my skinny jeans, my pearls (always, even when I wear shorts), my scarves, my jean jacket, and all the trimmings needed to look as someone called me recently “a southern belle.”  No, I don’t wear mascara or eye shadow or have my nails done. I am a more close to nature version of the belle.  My ego almost went into another universe.  Most of the time, I am just plain me, but checking the mirror every so often.  I am 62, not out of circulation.

I think most of us, yes, guys, you included want to look cool and hold on to that youth we didn’t appreciate when we had it.  Thinking young too is part of the equation.  Hang around young people, listen to their garble garble, but sometimes you will catch a pearl or two.  Remember, they are us, when we used to be like them.  ?  Get it?

Coloring  my hair;  the color depends if I remember what number or shade I used last, so it is always a surprise when I look on the mirror, using anti-wrinkle creams, keeping my weight down so those skinny jeans fit, drinking lots of water to flush the toxins out of my system, and laughing often, even about myself,   is the recipe that Juan Ponce de Leon couldn’t mustard.

Here’s to looking great, and being happy.

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  Guys, please do not wear socks with your shorts.  Please…..

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4 thoughts on “Clothes…do they help you or date you…

  1. Lindsay, when I saw there was a comment, I knew it was you, and I started laughing, thinking, what is he going to say now. Thank you for the compliment and thank you for continuing to read my ponderings. By the way, how does a poodle skirt look? Is that a new look I am not aware of.

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