About Me

his is the story of my journey through my 70+ Happy Birthdays
and my way of thinking, and doing things.

Let me add a little more; I was born and raised in the Hispanic culture, so sometimes you will see the sentences’ structure may be a bit odd, but hopefully you will be as my lovely daughter is, very understanding and accommodating.

I am on my after-mid-life crisis, so self-centeredness rules in my castle.  Thanks the Creator, I did have the love of my life, have been to Paris (my dream of 46 years), and I am learning German, Italian, Portuguese and re-learning French.   Always looking for something new and challenging to do, because when the time comes that I kick the bucket,  I want to be able to say “What an incredible life I had!”  Up to now, it has already been fabulous and fantastic.

German, French and Portuguese doing muito bem.  That’s very well in Portuguese.

I am doing it my way.

Life is always good!

8 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Gracias Lucy, I know I can always count on you to follow me on my next crazy invention. Glad you are enjoying my sense of humor and way of interpreting things. Hasta el proximo!

  1. Noury!!!!! I have been looking for you for a long time. I hope this message finds you well and know I think of you all the time! Please contact me via my email when you can. We must catch up! Nice blog and I’m so happy to find you! Hugs…

    Clayton, NC

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