What makes me happy…momentarily…Because then there will be the next thing…


There’s a lot of things I can think of…but of course, not all of them I can have, even momentarily.  Do not go off on a tangent, I know how your devious minds think.  Because I am just like all of you…I know where your mind went.

These amazing shoes look so very hot with my white and black skinny jeans.  Also with my long black skirt.

Some people drink alcohol, some smoke, some gossip, some get depressed, some go shopping, oops! and then some just buy pretty shoes.  That’s your humble servant here.

This pair of shoes made me smile, and I love things that make me smile.  When I tried them on…they felt just perfect and so comfy.  Only 3 1/2 inches high.  I can handle them very smoothly and walk in an elegant manner.  Oh yes, it’s all about looking good and feeling great!

Logical thinking behind this purchase.  I can wear these with any color, and carry them into the Florida winter.  Black heels.  I think of everything.  Every purchase I make carries a logical analysis behind it.  My money, not the government, so I have to justify to myself the reasoning behind almost every rational or irrational decision I make.  I have plenty time.  For the irrational decisions I make, well…those I rationalize saying to myself that life is too short to worry about tiny details.  No always I accept readily my thinking.  But…what the heck…YOLO.  You only live once.  Thanks Milagros for teaching me that phrase.  Milagros is my precious very smart daughter.

Hope you are as happy, momentarily at least, as I am.  Love my happy shoes.

Your Happy Contessa

“What there’s not to love about shoes that make you happy.”  Me



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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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