Domestic Diva…What did I just say? Not such a good thing…


Who has taken over my body and my mind?  I feel like the energizer bunny.  Dusting with a rag and spray (I used to use one of those swifter things).  Now the surfaces shine and look new.  Before I used to transfer dust from one place to another.  So after I was done dusting my old way, there was dust left over looking at me.  Now it shines and it looks super good!

I am watching cooking shows and salivating at everything I watch.  Let me make one thing very clear, I do not like to cook.  Usually I have the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner  I have been doing that for the past three years or so.  Now I am dreaming about getting some new kitchen gadgets, and new supplies to get going.  Even wine is on the list.  I am a H2O woman.  That is going to change.

I am vacuuming even under the furniture.  That’s a first for me.  My late husband used to move everything so he could really vacuum every zinch of the surface.  You could feel the crispness of the fiber of the carpet when you walked on it after he was finished.  I thought he was wasting precious time.  Guess what?  I am doing the same things he used to do.

I am revamping my small space, changing art, adding new beautiful waste baskets, fresh flowers and the list is growing.  My daughter is a pro at making any utilitarian item look glamorous.  I am following her steps.

So…this brings me to the question…what’s going on with me?  In case anyone of you is thinking…no, I am not taking any hormones.  Oh, I forgot to mention, romantic music is on from the moment I wake up to the moment I close my eyes. This item needs a separate posting.  Kind of complicated.  I am a very romantic person.  But there is no time for romance in my life at this exact moment.  I am not ready yet to have another body in my digs and worry about what I am going to have to feed him and all the other details that having a relationship entails.

Where’s my old self?  I need her back.  I can’t stand all this efficiency and neatness.  And the romantic songs issue?  I will leave that one floating throughout the universe.  One thing at a time.

Feeling somewhat good and surprised at this other person that has taken over my space and my self.  But, it is wearing me out.  Need to stop this compulsion about neatness and being busy.

Happy to be happy,

Happy Contessa

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.”  Peter Drucker, Austrian born American.  Management consultant, author, educator.  19 November 1909 – 11 November, 2005.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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