Twenty-First Century version of the Fairy Tale Princess and her Prince Charming…


Looking at myself again.  Sorry, but I am cleaning my Pictures File and found this one too good not to be shared.  This picture was taken January, 2013…I bet I have aged around ten years or more since then.  Why?  I don’t have the foggiest idea.  I just think so.  Too bad this high-end store did not sell tiaras.  The sales lady brought shoes with the red sole trying to play big time to my ego.  Maybe she thought she was going to meet her monthly quota with me.  Ha!

Every woman has a secret dream that one day, just for one day, you will look and feel like a princess.  I didn’t have that opportunity until the day this picture was taken.  I was looking for a dress to be the best-looking-ever-mother of the bride.  Did I wear this dress to the wedding?  No…it was not meant to be.  It was my daughter’s day, not mine.

Maybe one day I can dress like a princess again and dance until midnight, when then the dress, the prince, the tiara, the Toyota Highlander (Richard and Raylene’s because they have a later model), and the shoes all will disappear.  Wait, there will be one shoe left behind, because how in the world is prince charming going to find me?  Shoot, I didn’t think about that one.  So many millions of women and only one prince charming.  Logistics, logistics.  Already I have a broken heart.  Do you think this prince is on Facebook?  Is he a friend of a friend so then I can send the word out?  Hope so, otherwise I am in deep you know what.

Oh dear, if the shoes, dress and everything will disappear, I hope there is a rag around to cover myself.  Need to put “rag” on the to do list.

This prince needs to know that there is a woman in rags that is looking for him and the shoe.  This raggedy woman has the perfect flat foot that will fit perfectly in that stiletto.  Yes, she is short, well, sort of, so she had to wear stilettos to the ball.

This is going very well…and feeling really happy.  So there’s a way this Mr. Wonderful, wait…I have to put him into some demographics group and be very specific about qualifications and looks.  Now, this just got a bit complicated.  I don’t even have an idea how “he” is supposed to look.  Come to think about it…what happens if I am not his type?  The plot thickens.

More complications.  Just thought about this…I need to have the other shoe, so I can prove to this wonderful-prince-to be that I am the stunning looking Medicare babe he danced with at the Bingo Hall.  Too late to re-arrange this out of control story.  So many things to think about and my brain is already in overload because of the crises created by my new “the beast” computer.

Maybe is all better to just show you the picture and stay just as I am.  Dreaming about my prince charming.  But, you know already what type of personality I have.   AAA, so let’s go back to the drawing board…next time.  I need to define this Mr. Make-Me-Happy-Forever- guy.  Yeah…right!  Mission Impossible.

Oh, one more thing, frogs need not apply.  Don’t have the time and energy to go through the tedious process.  Need all the energy to find that guy, I mean, the prince and the stiletto shoe.  Hope all of you froggies will understand.

I am totally drained.

Your Happy Contessa

“Kindness is really important for me in finding my own prince – so are patience and a sense of humor.  Without those qualities, he’s no Prince Charming.”  Anne Hathaway, American actress.  12 November, 1982 -.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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