Feeling so groovy…


What a good life I have…this is my breathtaking-so-Southern- view when I go for my daily walk around 7:30 am every day…well…except Sundays.

Today was laundry, languages, and then I decided to learn how to make a movie with pictures in my files.  The movie so far is only around 17 seconds…with music added, yes, music…I remember my precious daughter made a movie with some pictures and then she spend a few good hours adding music to it, to have it ready for me before I went back home, then North Carolina.   The movie was about our visit to  Paris a few years ago, so I decided that we somehow share our DNA, so if she can do this kind of things, so can I.  The roles have somehow reversed on some things.  Now I look up to her.  If she can do it…so can I.  Cool!

After a while, I put the whole project in the circular file until I feel aggressive enough to tackle the beast again.  It has not hit the recycle bin, as of right now.

Other than that nothing much to report, except that I already prep my cantaloupe, lettuce, apple, etc for my ever healthy lunch.

Some of you probably are thinking…really, are you thinking?  Just a joke!

Have a happy day!

Your Happy Contessa

“Finding what degree of happiness is enough for oneself is an exhilarating experience.”  La Contessa

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Feeling so groovy…

  1. Sounds like a great day – fresh food, fresh air and an extremely fresh attitude. Nothing better. See you in a couple of weeks on the other coast!

    1. Why not! Kadzi, you have given my new found hobby a new meaning in my life…to go for the Oscar! I like that attitude. Title to be…Babes in Paradise…(That’s Florida, for the uninitiated. 🙂

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