Meeting Jesus in my skinny jeans…


Let explain…my sister and brother-in-law, Raylene and Richard,  were visiting Florida just a day ago, and we went on an adventure to the Gulf Coast.   We had a fabulous fun time…ate greasy food, lots of eggs, scrambled and sunny side up…home fries, pancakes, fruits (only Raylene ate the healthy stuff),  and a coffee that smelled just like the best coffee they serve at any good truck-stop.

Also, went to the beach, oh…the sand so beautifully white and the water of the Gulf this beautiful tone of emerald green…a little bit lighter in shade.  The wind was so fierce that it lifted the sand off the surface and the tiny grains were going straight to our eyes and any other space they could find to deposit themselves.

The “beach” experience lasted around five minutes or so, while we snapped a few pictures and pretended that we were not that cold.  I WAS FREEZING!!

Then we got into the mobile and drove around Ana Maria Island, where we spotted The Tortuga Inn, where my belated husband and I spent a few lovely days back in the days of early 2000.

Then, after going around downtown Sarasota and looking from our mobile’s windows all the snowbirds (people who come to Florida for the winter), we decided that really…we needed nothing to purchase and went back north on Tamiami Trail.  Got gas at $3.93 a gallon and went our merry way.

Drove finally into I-4 East and Richard, my brother-in-law, a frustrated pilot, was happily driving or may I say flying.  In a moment, some manuever that he did, that would have meant a probable close encounter of the third kind,  prompted my sister-in-law, Raylene,  to call all the angels, Jesus, and saints to be with us.  In the back seat of the mobile, I mentally got ready for a crash and going to heaven, when suddenly this thought assaulted me…”Oh my gosh, I am going to meet Jesus in this outfit in my skinny jeans, and dirty hair from the sand, and looking at myself, I said, well I guess ready or not here I come.”

Just like that I was going to the most important meeting in my life.  I closed my eyes and expected the big BAM.  It never came…I think my Creator did not like the idea of our meeting yet and not in the outfit I was wearing.

There was a profound silence most of the way to my digs.  I guess the three of us were making our own conclusions as to what almost happened.  No yet, said the Creator, and not so fast.

Another day in Paradise…

Your Happy Contessa

“It was not our final day.”  Happy Contessa on 7 March, 2013.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Meeting Jesus in my skinny jeans…

    1. Thanks! We are all ok, and hopefully our numbers are not close to be called as of yet. The Gulf Coast is just beautiful. Thanks for reading. Hope all is well with you also.

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