Number 6…of 64th…Happy 64th to me…la la la la

Life is such a wonderful thing!  I am breathing, can walk, can type, can take pictures and can a lot of other things.  Yesterday was my 64th Anniversary of being on Planet Earth, the most beautiful planet in the whole Universe.

Am I on a good vibe cycle or what!  Lovely, lovely, lovely…that is my life and everything about it.

Enough of the self-love fest.  What about that number 6 on my “birthday cake,” a/k/a  an orange-cranberry scone.  What was I thinking when I decided for the scone versus the cupcake?  I don’t know, the cupcakes looked so-frosted-maxed-out that the better option was the feel-like-a-bomb-scone that went into my stomach and exploded there.  It will take me maybe a couple of weeks to recover from such an act of no thinking much.

Now, the number 6 issue.  I thought about buying candles with numbers to put on top of my scone.  After looking at the “boutique price” of these candles, I decided once more, remember not too much thinking was going on in my brain, I decided to just buy the first number and forget about the number 4.  Cheap, cheap, cheap!  What the heck, it was going to be only me singing the “Happy Birthday to Me” serenade, so who cares.  Besides, I can now recycle this #6 candle for the rest of my sixties.  See, a lot of thinking went after the act of being so cheap.  Rationalize, rationalize, until it feels justified.

That’s the way I have managed to achieve this milestone.  Who am I kidding anyway?  Not me!

Oh yes, for dinner, it was “Puerco al Mojo.”  Translation, Pork-a-la-Mojo, plus Basmati rice and sweet potatoes with honey.  Tell you, I went out all the way.  Sixty-four is a good number to start living dangerously.

So…it was yesterday…my sixth decades plus four…it was a good day!

Your Happy Contessa

“You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake.  It’s like, see if you can blow this out.”  Jerry Seinfeld, American comedian, actor, writer, etc.  29 April, 1954-.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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