Shut Up!….I am trying to meditate…Peace…Hummmmm…

That’s the spirit!  First it was the sonic boom that took half of the electric power out in my condo, then the people next door decided this was the perfect timing to start moving out,   talking loud, a-la-movers-style, and you know the rest.

Here I am trying to get my portion of peace for the day, after saying my thank you to the Creator, I decided it was time to get it on with my meditation.  Yeah, right!

Half of my mind was trying to be peaceful and graceful, while the other half was being really mind-nasty to those movers.  So…I decided to write and get it out of my system, I mean, my mind.

Why the sunglasses in the picture?  You did not believe even for a second I was going to let you see the bags under my eyes?  Imagine a three-pound bag of potatoes on each side of my eyes.  Now you know what I mean.  Oh, oh, now they are singing…, the movers, I mean, not the bags.

So now my timer is calling me to have my oatmeal.  Sorry, international tribe, a girl got to eat, you know, her oatmeal.  When you get older you will know what I mean.

Ta ta….Hummmm….Peace and Quiet!!!!

Your Happy Contessa

“You have the right to remain quiet!”  The meditation police.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Shut Up!….I am trying to meditate…Peace…Hummmmm…

    1. Need to look that up…centering…me in the middle of the room? You are talking to a person that meditates in the most rustic style. It is all about the breath, and the mind with nasty thoughts about those movers was winning. Thanks Miss “Fashionista” for trying to help. 🙂

  1. Looks like we’re on the same page re: the need for peace and quiet this week.

    I’ve become obsessed with this post’s accompanying visual. Please start posting more photos of you in the act of doing something, anything!

    1. Hi Kadzi, leave it to you to be kind…I am 99.99% of the time, not-so-camera-looking-good. I will do my best from now on. Enjoyed very much your last posting. My best wishes for a peaceful, but fun weekend. I am going on Saturday to a workshop on Creative Writing. Maybe my postings will become a bit more intelligent. Don’t I wish. Thanks for reading and writing.

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