Amazon’s Subsidiary…the jungle…you know…not the one on the internet…

Before even I begin…yes I just noticed I have to be a better housekeeper…noticed the stuff that needs to be wiped?  Probably by Christmas it will be done.    I am glad that’s out-of-the-way.

Indeed, it is a jungle down here…you can be reading the newspaper and all of a sudden, there they are, a baby snake grooming herself to become a menace during my walks…and one tiny froggie saved by the flash of my ccc…chic cheap camera.  Just a refresher.  Then just a few minutes ago, a longer, black snake…the friendly one running at around four feet, and she was really fast, couldn’t get  my ccc in time to capture her visit.

Yes, it has become part of my scenery during my morning walks.  Have to be extra noisy to chase away any intruder, other than Tarzan, for whom I am still waiting.  Probably Jane feeds him very early in the morning to get him fit for the day, so at the same time, she keeps him all for herself.  Tarzan…there are other Janes out there, you know.  I’ll keep on dreaming…

You owe me…

This is the tiny creature I saved from being Miss colorful snake’s breakfast.

Yes, I have had to battle ugly creatures to keep them away from my food, other creatures from leaving their marks on my legs and arms…and now I totally feel the way those inhabitants of the Amazon feel in their beautiful surroundings.

It is kind of interesting that now when I see these creatures, I don’t feel panicked or nervous, I just watch them and run for my camera.  Couldn’t get it in time for the much larger and fatter one by my door the other day.  Gone!

Oh well…another day in Paradise…as Ron used to say.

Your Happy Contessa

“Me Jane…them…just them…and still waiting for Tarzan.”

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Amazon’s Subsidiary…the jungle…you know…not the one on the internet…

    1. Hey Raylene, I just found the comment you made over five months ago…where was I? Well, anyways, yes, when I walk I need to focus on the ground…black snakes and lots of lizards always on my path…there is a place I call “the crossing.” Lots of creatures around that area. But, up to now, no harm, thanks God!

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