He joined the other team…

Today, Monday, I decided to run some errands.   I returned a few items and then scored a touchdown at the big W when I bought a pair of jeggings and a fabulous top for $5 a piece.  I had lady luck with me today…that is until…

I went into my favorite supermarket and after getting the smallest piece of chicken the lady behind the counter could find, I felt somewhat ok, but with a bit of annoyance on the horizon.  Generosity is not her forte.  Then I got my “Breakfast Bread.”  That is the sinful bread I always have with my salad for lunch, loaded with apricots, walnuts, raisins and cranberries.  I toast it and heavily drizzle the toasts with my favorite, extra virgin olive oil and a bit of salt.  That’s my version of the hallway into heaven.  The weight scale has been telling me every morning that it is time to let go of that bread.  But I love it so.  Eventually it will have to go.  But not right now.

And I keep on strolling…got my six organic eggs and then…then…drumrolls, please…I see this hunk, and I mean, hunk…all the bells and whistles… a big bit young for me…but what the heck…the view was all worth it.  I checked my hair, posture, clothes, and everything else we women check at the sight of a very desirable specimen.   So I slowly go towards the frozen section that he was looking at…and then…this is a BIG then…I noticed that he was fascinated with the derriere of another specimen that I would qualify as another hunk.  I am describing the situation as it happened, I am not being politically correct here or elsewhere.  Immediately all my antennas went down faster than a lightning rod.  I was laughing so hard to myself that tears were flowing down my cheeks.  HE JOINED THE OTHER TEAM…not that it matters, but from the female point of view…what a big disillusion.

So…it was today…another day to realize that the competition is very ferocious…we never know when and where it will be coming from.

Your Happy Contessa

“Competition is a good thing or not.”  Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “He joined the other team…

    1. I am still laughing, girlfriend…the marketplace is really tough out there. Maybe I should consider becoming a nun and moving to India to help that town where only widows live. In the meantime I am only having a good time and enjoying the very attractive views I encounter once in a while. It motivates me to keep in shape. 🙂

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