A sliver of the moon and a balmy night in paradise…

Coming back from my French class this evening, there was a beautiful breeze, a sliver of the moon and some twinkle, twinkle little stars that made me feel as if I was a citizen of paradise.

The peace and quiet of the night, together with my brain feeling just fried by my efforts to speak the romantic French language and sounding as if I don’t even understand myself, set the mood in perfect coordination, that when I came out of my car and looked up, the smallness of the moon, the palm trees moving with the rhythm of the breeze, forced me to stop to admire this wonder of nature all for myself.  No witnesses, just me and a joy in my heart for being able to be part of this magical moment.

Here is the attempt I made to capture this moment in time with my ccc (cheap, chic camera).

In my imaginative mind, I pretended that I was in some small island of the Caribbean or the Atlantic Ocean, and the waves of the crystal clear waters were rushing to the shore to make that unique sound that soothes the soul.

So…it was today…an evening to feel at ease with the Universe.

Your Happy Contessa

“To look up is joy.”  Confucius, Chinese teacher, philosopher, politician.  551-479 BC.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

3 thoughts on “A sliver of the moon and a balmy night in paradise…

  1. There’s nothing like nature. I used to take my walks, to and from work, through Central Park for granted. But now that I’m more mindful of the scenery, and the different kinds of birds, and what’s going on with the sky above it all, I’m calmer and able to put more things in perspective.

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