Another magnifique French aliment…le dejeuner…lunch…

While one of my dear friends was visiting with me this past week, I decided to go out and eat a French dejeuner, lunch, as we say here in America.

Garzon did not speak le Francais, so I had to teach him a few words.  When in the world am I going to practice my French?  Cannot go to Paris right now, or anywhere in France at the moment.  French class is too intense, and sometimes my senior neurons go flying with the absent muses.  All in combination to make me feel like I am in limbo.

Well…had grilled fish…you could taste the butter, the lemon and, surprise…the fish.  In some restaurants I have been to, not necessarily inexpensive, all you can taste is the freezer burn.  I have become a very picky eater.  The rice was crusty at the bottom, from the butter and oh, so flavorful.  The snow peas tasted like snow peas, very fresh along with the carrots.

One thing I must warn you, this is not for the “buffet crowd.”  Petit portions, very flavorful, but petit.  So for my already americanized senior stomach, there was space for le dessert.

Le tarte de pomme vert was delicieux!!!  Did not even want to share any of it, but after not seeing my good friend for over 25 years, I felt a bit generous.  One very small piece, though.

I highly recommend trying a good French restaurant, but remember, get some protein before you go, because portions are just right.  We are not used to that.  We like to eat with our hands, our eyes and with our mouths.  Not so with French cuisine.  You have been warned.

So…it was today…26 February…a day to reminisce about eating and speaking French.

Your Happy Contessa

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”  Julia Childs, an American chef, author and tv personality.  15 August, 1912 – 13 August, 2004.

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12 thoughts on “Another magnifique French aliment…le dejeuner…lunch…

    1. Chez Vincent in Winter Park. Be careful, too much butter for your new diet, unless you wash it down with wine, which I think may not be on your list right now. Thanks for asking. Keep well and happy.

  1. Looks absolutely delicious. Have you picked out a spot for all of us to go to dinner? I must tell you my heart is letting me know it is time to see you!

    1. I hope also I can make it to Paris, or some French country one day soon. Nothing against our Northern neighbor, but for me, Paris is where I belong. 🙂 You need to write some more about your recent journey to Paris.

    1. Do you know that the French are experts in something called guillotine. A question like that will leave you headless, very nicely put on a platter and served “a la carte.” Do you need any further interpretation, or am I clear enough? 🙂

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