Back to the saddle again…

Needed to change the posting, because it will date the blog more obviously if I leave it with the St. Valentine’s Day message.  Hope you had a happy one.  I surely did.

The weather here is just beautiful…even though was in the high 20’s just the other night.  Yep, it gets chilly here sometimes.  We had a share of an Arctic blast.  Most of the time around this time of the year it is pretty perfect.   For my hair I may say.  By the way, thinking about changing the color of my hair.  Someone told me that maybe my face will look somewhat softer.  Boy, do I need to see what’s going on with my face.  I thought it was pretty good, but it seems I could use some softener.  Do you think dryer softener may help?  Now I have something new to worry about, but knowing the way I am, the features of my face (a/k/a wrinkles) will just go on as they are.  Have bigger and better priorities in my life right now.

Thinking about the precious gift of life.  We sometimes don’t realize how precious it is until there is some kind of a threat to our well being.  Have to take everything as it comes, because the cup of crapola for tomorrow is already being brewed somewhere in space.  Ready or not, here it will come.

Don’t sound too chipper you probably are thinking…the reality of the matter is that I am very tired right now and I am making things as I go…344 words…not that bad.  Been looking for my muses.  They were supposed to be somewhere here in Florida, but they must be further south…the Keys.  Have to do it on my own.

I will be keeping you updated with the saga of the new color of my hair.  Maybe a new do too.

So…it was today…14 February evening, 2012…a day to remember…it was a very good day.

Your Happy Contessa

“There is an essence of the divine in all living things, and each person is literally a microcosm of the universe.”  Gloria Steinem, American feminist, journalist and political activist.  25 March, 1934 -.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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