Floridian…once again…it’s official…I am a full fledged Floridian…finally.

The inevitable had to happen.  I became a full-fledged Floridian today.  New license plate, and a new so-so looking photo in my new Florida Driver’s license.  Couldn’t postpone it any longer.  It is funny…there’s a sign in front of you in the place where the pictures are taken.  It says in very big and bold letters…SMILE…and I thought, yeah, right, so all my lines, bags under my eyes and wrinkles will show on that photo.  No way!  So now I look depressed.  Cannot win it all.

Keeping an old plate saved me $250!  Moving is expensive.  Deposit for this, deposit for that and deposit for even having the privilege of driving on the roads of tropical Florida.  Might as well…there is no state income tax in Florida.  How nice and lovely.  I am not that naive.  In life you always pay, sooner,  later, at the arrival or at the departure.  There is a price for everything in life.  Nothing is free.

I remember the meaning of insanity…thinking that life should be without problems or taxes, even when they are hitting you right on your face.  I am happy with my new license, considering the no smile zone that I imposed on myself.  Also paid my first electric bill…not that bad considering my small condo is kept at a sauna’s temperature.  That’s why I moved here…love that heat…not so the humidity, but cannot have one without the other.

So it was today…24 August, 2011…a day of being initiated as a new Floridian and having a driver’s license that could look a bit better.

Your Happy Contessa

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2 thoughts on “Floridian…once again…it’s official…I am a full fledged Floridian…finally.

  1. When my Dad died and I got his car (we were both Florida Natives), I had to change the title to get a new tag. It was $160 for a free car. No income tax though and property taxes are pretty low. Government is the only growing industry in the state now. A good business would be to set up a shop to replace the left turn signal bulbs people leave on all day.

    1. I do have noticed that drivers are somewhat less aggressive than before we left for NC. Maybel all those red light cameras promote better behavior. I am enjoying being back to Florida, and just chillin in the meantime.

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