Very quiet at the inn…

I am facing the same situation twice this month…suddenly after having fun and happy company, then…there’s only me.

Very, very quiet.  No one to talk with, no one to go and help the economy with.  Just plain doing laundry, cleaning and facing the bills and everything else that was placed in a drawer until I had the time to look at it.  Show time, baby.  They are all staring at me and saying, just like those two egrets, what’s up!  Are you doing something about whatever it is you are supposed to do, or what.

Life is just like that.  Having a great time and then taking a break.  Everyday is not a holiday, my mother used to say.  If we don’t do the mundane, ordinary things, we cannot differentiate when the fabulous and spectacular come into our lives.

Have to be quiet, and work like a worker bee and get ready for whomever decide to show up at my door.  Reservations recommended, please.

So…it was today, 22 August, 2011…a day to plan to catch up with the pending things to do…and get ready for some more fun and excitement when the time arrives.

Your Happy Contessa

“Sometimes, silence is the most eloquent expression of our emotions.”  Happy Contessa.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

6 thoughts on “Very quiet at the inn…

  1. Those are Sand Hill Cranes. Very watchable bird. They are coming back big time in Florida. You have heard of the Whooping Crane that was almost extinct and was reintroduced by being tricked into imprinting on the Sand Hill Cranes. Note the red heads. They usually have 2 chicks and stay with them for a long time. They make a clicking sound with their beaks. You should get a book on Florida birds and try to see how many bird sightings you can “collect”. We had a rare crane at our lake a few days ago.

    1. Thanks for giving me the correct information. I should get a Florida birds book and start collecting sightseeings just as I do with clouds. I am excited about that now. Thanks again, Lindsay.

  2. Glad you guys had a great visit. Distractions are always welcome. Peace and quiet are terrific gifts if received in small doses.

    1. Hey, have you recovered from the earthquake of yesterday. That was a very unannounced surprise visitor!! Yes, we had a great time together and now the time did arrived for her to go back to her family and continue her life and me to continue down here in the midst of the tropics to fight humidity and settling down.

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