Snow bird in the heat of the summer…yes indeed…one that just landed…

This is becoming a foodies blog…whatever gives, I’ll take.  Let me get going.

Lucy, a “snow bird” is visiting me during the heat of the summer.  She came out of the terminal with her hair looking all smooth and freely flowing, really a good hair moment…then by the time we were a bit far away from the airport, there goes the hair…up in a bun.  Humidity at its best.  So much for the freely flowing good hair.  You know how important is hair for me.

Enough of the hair issues.  I am very glad to have her come to visit me and check my new digs.  She approved of my new pad and…wait a minute, this posting is mainly supposed to be about the incredible tasting and great looking food showing on the picture above.

Someone had told me about this supermarket that caters mainly to the ever-growing Hispanic population in this area, but also they have a deli that really numbs your brain in trying to decide what are you going to have to eat.  Showing are the arroz con guandules, carne guisada, yuca encebollada, pollo horneado, platanos maduros y dulce de guayaba.  In same order, rice with pigeon peas, stewed beef, yuca is a tuber and it was prepared with onions; chicken rotiserie, and of course, ripe plantains.  Dessert was a form of cake mixture with guava paste.  I forgot to take a photo of the “tres leches, ” a dessert made with three different kinds of milk, one of them being condensed milk.  Sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet.  Just perfecto!

They gave us enough to last for maybe three days.  Aside note, we did pay for it.  The generosity lasted just long enough to last Friday.  I am not complaining.  It was a pleasure to pay for today’s banquet.

All these foods and flavors brought so many memories.  I am finding all these unique places that will cater to my wants and needs without having to use the stove at all.  Hurray for that!!!!

So…it was today, 17 August, 2011, a day to enjoy my visiting “summer snow bird”…and tasting the so ever delicious Hispanic food…from my new neighborhoods.

Your Happy Contessa

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”  James Beard, an American chef and food writer.  5 May, 1093 – 21 January, 1985.

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