A field trip to Orlando International Airport…and lovely company from out of town…

Spent the whole day getting ready for my lovely daughter’s visit from the land of the indecisive people, Washington, D.C.

Vacuumed and vacuumed.  Fixed things around and fixed more things around.  Took a nap and listened to all the trains go by.  Now, surprising myself, I sometimes do not hear any of the trains.  Is that an indication that I am losing my hearing?  Have to start checking those ads that offer hearing aids, costing only a few thousands.  Maybe I should not check them at all and use the money instead for a trip to Bali.

What was this posting about again?  Oh, yes, a trip to the Orlando International Airport.

First I forgot about the rush hour traffic.  Hello!!!  The airline said the plane would be landing around 6 pm, but oh no, I answered the phone when I am away from the house only 10 minutes, and she says, “I am here.”   Talk about looking to the skies and praying for a helicopter or some other miracle.  Highway 17-92 and 436 will have to do.  And look out for the pilots on the road out there.  Plenty of them.

As I am approaching the airport area, I am begging God that there won’t be many changes since I left.  Praise the Lord!!  I found Terminal B with not too much of a hassle.  Thanks God too for a very patient daughter.

We then departed and went to eat at…Pollo Tropical…one of my daughter’s favorite places.  Rice, beans, fried plantains and incredible tasting chicken grilled right in front of you.  Add some Spanish good humor and a good tasting meal.  Life is wonderful right now.

By now you probably know that we are not going to default and declare foreclosure as a country.  All in D.C. must be exhausted of the egomaniac show they put all of us through.

So it was today, 2 August, 2011…a day of having my lovely daughter with me…and not declaring foreclosure as a country.

Your Happy Contessa

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.  I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”  Louisa May Alcott, American novelist, best known for Little Women.  29 November, 1832 – 6 March, 1888.

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4 thoughts on “A field trip to Orlando International Airport…and lovely company from out of town…

  1. Glad she got to come. We saw our baby yesterday also. They have a hold on your heart. The airport has pickup lanes which are very nice.also.

    1. Yes, I am very happy to have her here visiting with me. You are right. Your children have a very strong hold in your heart. Glad you had a chance to have Mary Lynn visiting with both of you.

  2. Glad she is there for a visit. Soak it all in and leave nothing unsaid when she returns home. Hugs to both of you!

    1. We are really enjoying each other’s company. It is a lot of fun having my daughter with me. Her young spirit infuses in me energy and the spirit of youth. We return the hugs.

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