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A little bit of this…and a little bit of that…to get the weekend going…

This was a sight from this morning’s walk.  From Miss Raylene’s garden.  A pot with assorted seasonal growings to delight the eyes of a passerby.

This is a white giant hibiscus that came back from being dormant last Winter to delight our morning walks.  So purely white.  Lovely.

And…I am moving…I am moving…to the condo that I just found out has been already rented.  Surprise!!  I am just chillin…what is one to do?  Homeless is not an option.  Thanks God for storage companies.  I can always ask the big mouse for lodging.  No, not a good idea.  Enough of the mouse.  Other alternatives will develop over the weekend.  Need to make things happen.  Who’s in control here, beside the Almighty?  Don’t have the foggiest idea.

Divine intervention!!!!  Just what I needed right now.  My angelic neighbors, Miss Kim, Miss Hannah and little Miss Loran are my saviors in moments of desperation.  Fresh vegetables from their own garden, and zucchini bread made by Miss Hannah, from a recipe on the internet from Miss Paula Deen.  I already had two pieces…feel like Mrs. Michelin.  Rolls are developing as I type in the middle of my body.  It is delicious.  She added some nuts.  Healthy and good for my mental state right now.

What am I going to do when I leave this part of my earthly journey?  I surely will miss them and so many other very significant people in my life…but have to keep on moving.  Gypsy blood, my mother told me.  It works for me.

This was not my typical posting.  This was a literal “sancocho.”  Meaning a mix of different things that showed up into my life today.  Sancocho is a Dominican thick-soup-mix with chicken, pork, plantains, yucca, and other tubers.  Garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro and other good stuff is all added in.  Usually while you have sancocho, someone is playing the guitar, and yes, a lot of Dominican Rum.  Don’t care for the rum, but it is part of the party spirit.

So it was today…a day of surprises, very good ones and delicious, others that I am still trying to figure out what’s their meaning, but all is good.

I will be back on Monday…hopefully with more interesting news on my move to the Sunshine State.

Your Happy Contessa

“It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest.”  Georgia O’Keeffe, American modern artist.  15 November, 1887 – 6 March, 1986.

Making the decision…not to make a decision…

Even in my Laundry Room...

This is so cool…it totally released all the stress that was trying to creep into my always balanced and happy life.

I was watching this afternoon a show on what else, happiness.  Even Harvard is now getting it.  And guess what, everybody has an opinion on happiness.  Some “experts”, and they really looked so serious when they were giving their opinion or definition about happiness, believe that happiness per se does not have to do with how much money you have, how big is your house, the branding of your car, how many car garages your estate has, etc., etc.

Happiness is a mind thing.   Duh!  Is that the way you spell it?  Well, let’s continue here and not get side tracked.  Ask a baby that cannot talk yet,  what happiness is.  Just looking at their glorious little happy face you will get a complete definition of the meaning of the word happiness.

Why is happiness so important?  It is even in our Declaration of Independence…”And the pursuit of happiness.”  I guess what makes it seem so important is that the word happy has a connotation of perfection, Nirvanism if you may, and just chillin through life.  But, there is always a but, as one of the “experts” on the panel stated that if we as individuals are not having lows in our lives, we are either psychopaths or dead.  Oh, my!  I think I will choose not to be happy all the time.  Do not like either one of those choices.

So in conclusion…as you may be noticing, the muses are still very far away, and the posting is taking place between packing, dealing with agents, buyer, and others in the entourage of my life;  this thing about happiness deserves many, many, many more postings.  Thanks God for the eternal sources of human beings not being perfect.  What do you think we would be talking, writing, reading about if we didn’t have challenges, problems, situations, or issues.  Different names, same scenarios.

Signs of someone moving South...

Life is really good right at this moment.  I am not making a decision to go South yet to look for a place to live, it is pretty toasty right now (90’s), and all I have to be concerned about is what’s up for dinner.  Sweet potatoes, stir fry with ground turkey, lots of olive oil and some brocoli, carrots and snow peas.  I am a happy camper.  All out of a plastic bag, except the turkey, that one is out of a plastic container.

So it was today…8 June, 2011…another day of making progress in the classroom of my life.

Your Happy Contessa

“Is Happiness a Journey or a Destination?”  You decide

Thelma, Louise and Me…

These three were going about their daily gossip when I was watching them from my kitchen.  “So…what’s the deal for today?  I don’t know yet.  Have you done your research on Google to find a house in that very hot State?  Have you started packing yet?  You are looking a bit frazzled today.  What’s up with you and your nervous nerves?  Girlfriend, get away from me.  You are getting me nervous.  Any worms yet?”

So it is another day in birds’ kingdom.  Finding their very delicious and fulfilling worms.  I wish for a moment that was all I had to worry about.  But NO!  I wanted to move, I wanted to be warmer in the winters and so on.

Here it is baby, hit the road and stop complaining.  I think I am going to join the above Thelmita and Louisita and fly away.  Let me see…first I think we’ll fly to Alaska, further North and cooler.  ??????  I am a creature of contradictions.  But that’s ok.  That makes me more interesting and fascinating…and a lot delusional.

Going back to the birds, that’s exactly what my life is right now, for the birds.  Calgon, take me away.  Wasn’t that the famous line?

 Ahhhhhh!  Lillies of the field.  Did you notice the dew?  This one is from Miss Raylene’s garden this morning.  They know the secret to peace, happiness and no stress at all.  There’s no way you can have stress and look so beautiful.  You should see me now.  No, you wouldn’t want to see the picture of desperation, depression, anxiety mini-attacks, not so good hair day, in general, not a good sight.  But tomorrow’s another day.  Bring back Scarlett, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”  Didn’t I say that yesterday.  What day is it?

So it was today…7 June, 2011…a day of staring at Thelma, Louise and me.

Your Happy Contessa

“All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.”  Voltaire, French Enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher.  21 November, 1694 – 30May, 1778

Plastic or…paper…post…or no post…

I-95 South...

The neurons are really on vacation today.  Or maybe they are overwhelmed with so much we have to do.  Got a contract on the house…now the reality show goes on the road.

Where am I going to live, when to go to find a place, when to move, legal technicalities, no time to think cute or inspiring things to post about.

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!  That’s what we howl in Spanish when we are hurting.  That’s my psych, my body, and my everything screaming to put my life on the “Pause” button.  Can we do that?  Is there an app for that, Lucy or Lindsay?

I have been trying to move back to Florida for so long now…and now that the occasion is arising pretty soon, I am like a brainless, motionless nano-being.  Boxes, tape, lists and more lists, take art down, fill in holes, paint…pack, donate, sell, tell every living soul that I have pestered for the past two years about my inability to tolerate the “cold” weather of North Carolina.  I sometimes don’t remember who I have told, emailed, or facebooked.  I am into verbalizing names now.  Brain, please stop the process of dummying myself down, so I can have an excuse to do nothing.

But these darlings have been patiently waiting for me for months.  It is pony-up time!  Where do I start?  Need to think about it…I’ll think about it tomorrow.  Fresher neurons, better attitude and…nada mas.  Nothing else.  I am really, really tired and hungry.

I need to warn you…postings are going to be a mixed bag of much about nothing, or much about much.  Makes sense?  In Spanish it does.  Thanks for putting up with me today.

So it was today…6 June, 2011…a day to get ready to get going to prepare to move to the Sunshine State.

Your Happy Contessa

“Don’t think, just do.”  Horace, Roman lyric poet, 8 December, 65 BC -27 November, 8 BC.

Wedding vows…for better or …much better…for richer or…wealthier…

This past Saturday I attended a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Duke’s Chapel in Durham, North Carolina.

You know about weddings…everybody look so pretty or handsome, best behavior on the moment, all smiles, hello, and more hello.  The music was very touching, not a note out-of-place, instruments all sounded just harmonious, and then…here comes the bride.  She looked stunning…beautiful or should I say, gorgeous brunette, very bright red lipstick, and a dress that made her look as if she was floating in space.  Magical moments.

Then of course, you know my mind.  The vows time came and while the usual words were being hummed along, I made my own version of the traditional vows.  For richer…or much more wealthier, in health or hit the diet and look like now (assuming he really looks trim and proper),  to love and to appreciate, that is until our egos do us part.  Let’s be innovative here. Needless to say, vows are for both genders.   We have changed as a society, we change values, traditions, but when the push comes to shove, we are looking at the big elephant in the middle of the couple and pretend that the beautiful white (or any color goes in these days) dress and the tuxedo are all the requirements to make it.  Dream on!

I am not implying that in this lovely couple,  that is their case, certainly not.  But it made me ponder on how we like to live in a world of fantasies.  My mind is always wondering.  We’ll always prefer illusions to reality.

Took pictures of the inside of the chapel.  Just magnificent.  It reminded me on a much lower scale, about Notre Dame in France.  Unfortunately all the inside pictures were blurred.  except for these ones.  What a shame!

Left is the altar, majestic with its simplicity and right is part of the ceiling with architectural details so similar to Notre Dame in France.  I am learning to appreciate details about the places I am visiting that I was totally oblivious before.  The difference is in the details.  Just like life.  Details…and more details.

That’s me sitting on a bench dedicated by the Class of 1948.  The year I was born.  What a coincidence.  This is on the lawn in front of the beautiful Chapel.  Tried to look proper for an almost summer wedding.

Then later on we went to the reception.  Food, libation, music and toasts.  We must be careful who we choose to make toasts.  It is one of the most important days in the lives of a couple, so be selective.

We should celebrate our weddings on a daily basis and remember why we chose our spouse, what made them special and maybe, just maybe, marriages will have a higher percentage of survival in the jungle and battle of the egos.

I am very happy my beautiful daughter asked me to be her date.  I had a swell time.

So it was today…June 5, 2011, a day of bonding with my daughter and reliving nice memories of the beginning of a beautiful couple’s married life.

Your Happy Contessa

“Love is patient, love is kind.  It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails.”  1 Corinthians 13:4-8

A Weekend Changer…

Welcome back to the 80’s!  Let start at the beginning…

My lovely and gorgeous daughter, Milagros, just invited me to be her date to attend a wedding in, here we go again, Durham, North Carolina.  Wasn’t I just there last Saturday?  Durham it is.  The young lady that is getting married attended the same school Milagros did, so they are friends.  The wedding is going to be at the Duke Chapel.  I am so looking forward to being at the Chapel for this occasion.

Now…the real challenge.  I don’t have an outfit to wear to that wedding.  It is at 4:00 pm, so I guess is semi-formal?  You know, we senior chicks take everything very a-la-traditional.  I would rather err on the side of too much, than on the side of too little.  Elegance has never hurt anyone that we know of.  I am going to look my part.  That is, try to look semi-gorgeous, because the whole gorgeous business is too late for me even to try.

Dress?  Long skirt with a stunning blouse and belt.  What about shoes and evening bag?  Why again, am I going to this event?  Because my daughter requested the honor of my presence.  Have to remember that every second my stomach gets on a knot.

What about the chambers of horror when I go in to try the outfits?  My hair is getting already nervous about this.  Oh, yes, do I need a trim or a haircut?  Nails, toes, come to think about it, I need a new me.  Does anyone know where can I buy a new person to substitute the slob of me.  Need to be on sale too, remember that just yesterday I am on a short leash in reference to money do or don’t.

My friends, I just realized that the last time I got made up to look real cool was the day that photo was taken.  I was going with my darling husband to a Christmas party.  Since then I have not been really playing get beautiful once.  How sad, but how comfortable.  Those were really high heels, and you know what happened recently to my legs when I tried to get into something a bit higher than the floor.  Cramping business galore.  But this time I am getting some pills if necessary, but I am riding on high hells, I mean, heels.  Yes siree.

This should be very interesting.  Tomorrow I am out to search for just the perfect outfit and the perfect new me.  I can feel the bags under my eyes already puffing more than usual.  Cucumbers?  Is that what it takes to bring those bags down?  We’ll see.

So it was today, 2 June, 2011…a day that I got asked on a date…

I, or the new me, will be back on Monday.  Make it a great weekend.  Life is short, live loud.

Your Happy Contessa

“To be or not to be… me.”

It’s that time of the month…and Endeavour’s final landing…

No…it is not “that” time of the month for me…I am 62 1/2…it is the other time of the month.  The real time, if you ask me.  No cramps, no mood swings, no supplies, no pms, no nothing.  Just the now you see it, now you don’t syndrome.  I mean, in comes the money, out goes the money.  Today is the first of June, and the money, all of it is already accounted for.  Talk about symptoms for “la depre.”

But I am grateful that at least incoming funds are enough to cover my needs and a tiny, tiny maybe want.  Some chocolate, por favor (please) in Spanish.  Hey not only are you being entertained, you are learning to be bilingual or trilingual.  C’est la vie.  You can tell the muses are really in a far, far away land.  This is so lame.

But we must continue…Early this morning, around 1:30 am, the soft-spoken very sophisticated alarm from my cell phone woke me up to a very delicate tone.  I thought, maybe it knows it is so early, so it has to wake me up in a delicate way.  How smart!

Endeavour's Landing

I wanted to watch “live” the return of the last trip of the Space Shuttle Endeavour.  You get  a total different feeling when you watch it as it happens.  I was watching it through NASA TV, and I started very early in the process.  It is fascinating for me that the crew of this space vehicle get to live their dream or fantasies of being out there in space.  Looking at our beautiful and fragile at the same time planet must be a sight beyond our imagination.  What an unforgettable experience and tale to tell.  If you are interested, you can go to NASA TV and watch the video about how the journey of Endeavour started.  It is so much better than reading science fiction.  The brilliance of our minds at work.

Here is another shot I got with my camera.  By this time they were getting ready to go and get the crew out.  You can still watch the video, if you wish.  Fascinating.  Made it back to bed around 3:00 am, very happy that I had this unique experience.  Cultivating relationships and living meaningful experiences are very important for me in this stage of my journey.

So it was today, 1 June, 2011, another day to ponder on the “enough for my needs”…and the brilliance of our minds.

Your Happy Contessa

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Commander Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon, July 20, 1969 upon landing in the Sea of Tranquility.