Why routines are so important…for me…

My morning collage...

I was just thinking…have I already done a posting with this subject matter?  I don’t know.  If you are like me…I have already forgotten and there will be a few surprises on this one.  Every day brings a new set of surprises…or not.

My Sunday mornings are very special.  I feel more relaxed that on other mornings, maybe because in my mindset there is this feeling of just chillin on Sundays.  But…routines are very good for me because they mean that my world is still in sync with my mental universe.  Peace, quiet, reading the same recycled stories I heard about on the news last night, going through the ads, even though my pocketbook is zipped for eternity.  No new spending for a while.  Just bought (at one of the shopping channels)  a 40″ tv, wi-fi, with all the bells and whistles, even though I am letting go of cable tv.  It was priced just right.  My rationalization is that with a newer tv set, I will be able to maybe capture the networks and a few other channels, and that will suffice for me.  I can access the internet on this new tv, so I will have to learn a lot of new things,  and that’s a good thing because I need more mental stimulation, other than doing this blog, and cleaning toilets.   No more too much tv for me!  It is brain zapping… sometimes after watching la tele for a while I feel like a zombie, and of course, go directly to the kitchen because “I feel a bit hungry.”  Just plain disgusting!!!!  In conclusion, watching la tele is dangerous for your psych, the middle part of your body, and a money pit.  Look at me, Miss smart, tight-with-my-money kind of gal.  Do I need a 40″ tv?  Hell, no!  But is sounded so fabulous with all the things I can do.  We’ll continue with this saga in another posting.

Call this a big going off the subject matter.  In between reading the recycled news and my favorite, the cartoons, I do laundry, prepare my breakfast, my coffee (the best part of the day), and other minutiae pertaining to other stuff.  Then…after devouring my plain tasting plantains, but good for the smooth sailing flow of things in my organs,  I proceed to very obediently take my vitamins.  I tell myself they keep me from getting sick.  Who knows!

Bear in mind that I am not endorsing any products at all.  No money exchanging hands.  At least not mine, except for the super scupper tv.  

I hope you have found this new angle of my routines somewhat entertaining…I have enjoyed writing about it…and let me add…if my routines are kind of interrupted for whatever reasons, part of my petit universe is out of sync for a nano second.

So it was today, 15th May…a day in my life…with some pondering on to routine or not to routine.

Your Happy Contessa

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life–it goes on.”  Robert Frost, an American poet.  26 March 1874-29 January 1963.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Why routines are so important…for me…

  1. We don’t do routines, Not even sure where we will sleep tonight. The Canadian geese are really honking out there this morning. It’s mating season in North Dakota.

    1. You and Nancy are really living it up!! Sounds so exciting and adventurous. I am enjoying your pictures on FB and following your trail. Thanks for taking the time to read and opine. I always appreciate it. May the fun and adventure continues. Make sure you watch the Endeavour’s launching shortly.

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