I am bigger than any moment or situation…

This morning I went for a walk by myself in my own neighborhood, and I was feeling like the happy camper I am training myself to be.  Snapping pictures here and there, not a cloud for my collection on the beautiful blue sky, but the sun was in full blast at the time of the day…just all the ingredients to be grateful to be walking around.

Then…all of a sudden…two humongous dogs started charging towards me and the “I don’t care if they wreck you” owners were saying “they won’t hurt you, they are friendly dogs…” yeah! right!!  Those vicious dogs were trying to get a piece of my 62+ young body as a snack before their lunch time.  Thanks God I always carry with me a stick that looks like I took the plunger part out and I was just carry the remaining part.  Really, it is part of an extension pole I bought at the $ store.  Well, let’s continue with the attack.  I have yet to meet dogs that are labelled according to their owners, vicious, or be afraid, that they’ll bite you dogs.  Owners like to assume that their pets are just toys or human buddies.  Dogs are just that, dogs.  They need training so they can become your buddy or show some restrain.    Somewhat like human beings, we need training to learn how to behave.  Some of us skip that stage of development. 

Please keep your out of proportion dogs on a leash.  It is the law.  You see where I am going here, don’t you.  If you don’t,  don’t feel bad.

After yelling “stop” for I don’t know how many times, and moving my stick trying to keep them away from me, finally the owners came and took them back.  They acted as if they were the offended ones.  How typical of humanoids.  I was all shaken up, my heart racing and my mind full of dangerous thoughts.

That’s when I thought, this is the time where I need not to let what just happened affect me and the rest of my pleasant walk.  It was not easy at the beginning, and then that’s when the thought came racing across my mind. 

“My life as a whole is bigger than this single moment.  In the last moments of my life I am not even going to remember this incident, so I need to move on.”

I decided right there and then that I needed to move past that moment and concentrate on what I wanted to accomplish for the rest of my day.  Took a few deep breaths and kept on walking and concentrating on the beauty of the day and the moment.  Well, besides the “friendly doggies.”

I was bitten by a sweet cute doggie once.  That’s why I am always concerned about being around doggies per se.  My human mechanism has an alarm when I see a dog.  Sorry, dog owners and lovers.  I think they are adorable, but at a distance.

The point here is that I am continuing to learn that I need to control my emotions and what fuels them.  Mind over matter.  Old saying, but practical all the time.

The beautiful picture above is from a tree that I really don’t know the name, but it looks so beautiful.  Don’t you agree?  See the picture of the tree below.  And the fire hydrant for…the dogs.  How proper.

So it was today…13th April, 2011…a day that went to the dogs, and some exercises on  controlling my mind and my emotions.

Your Happy Contessa

“Some people come into your life for a season, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.”  Anonymous

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

11 thoughts on “I am bigger than any moment or situation…

  1. Consider getting a can of wasp spray. It comes out in a stream that can be accurate at up to 20 feet. It is perfectly legal and cost less than $5. Many RV’ers carry it for walks in the woods. The spray stops the dog in it’s tracks, but does no lasting damage. I plan on using it when we travel to Canada where pistols are not allowed.

    1. That’s a good suggestion. I’ll take it into consideration. Somehow you always make me laugh. Pistols? Canada I have heard is a peaceful and law abiding country. You won’t need a thing. When are you going to cross the frontier?

  2. You know my sentiments about anything that walks on 4 legs that doesn’t have a leash attached to it. Along with the leash comes responsibility. Do not open doors without looking to see if you will be unleashing terror on some unsuspecting person who doesn’t share your love of animals. Dogs are not always friendly – case it point – one tried to eat my throat when I was small. Do you think I love them today? That terror I felt then comes right back when a dog charges me.

    1. Sorry Miss Raylene, but you also make me laugh. I didn’t know the “eating throat” episode. Now I know. So I am not the only one that gets paranoid around our four legged-animals. Leash, leash, thank you for making me notice my spelling error. Ah, language barrier. I can never aspire to be a writer. Thanks for commenting and bringing some good insights into this blog.

  3. We always carry a pistol in the truck and a shotgun in the RV for protection. Of course, never had the need to use them, but I also have a pistol at home. It is pretty routine. Canada has plenty of long guns, but is very strict on pistol for their own folks as well as visitors. Rv’ers who tried to sneak in pistols to Canada with them have ended up in jail. Our plan would be to Fed-X our pistol to Mary Lynn before crossing the border and get some wasp spray. It works great on bears also. I have a neat bear story, but will do it in the next post.

    1. I carry a whistle for protection, a big one. That’s all I can think of as of now, but the can of wasp spray is on my list. Thanks! Good luck across the border.

  4. Before going into the woods, we talked to the Canadian Mountie. There are two kinds of bears and you need to be able to tell the shy black bear apart from the aggressive grizzly. Always wear some small bells on your clothes. They will hear the bells and be scared away. Always carry some pepper spray to use as a repellant. You can look at their scat (dropping). The black bear will have the remains of fruits and berries on them. The grizzly scat will contain small bells and smell like pepper.

    1. This is a riot! Looking at bears’ poopies. You are too much, but I can imagine that for life’s preservation we’ll do anything, even wearing little bells around your waist. My, my, going into bear country surely sounds fun and challenging. Need to bring lots of pictures, please. Thanks for the education on chasing bears. Now we all know what to look for. 🙂

  5. Did you get it that the grizzly bear droppings had little bells and smelled like pepper that the campers had been wearing?

    1. I am so with it that now I am having a hard time understanding English at all. Bears’ droppings had little bells? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it now! I told you I was slow. That’s awful! You better wear humongous bells, bigger than the bears, so fat chance for the bears to even think about having you and Nancy for breakfast or dinner. Stop it, Lindsay!

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