Change of plans…

Remember when I posted about going to do my good-for-me walk at my Community Center?  Well, that was not working for me.  I felt like the little rodent that goes around a circular cage and just goes nowhere.  It is always running in place.  That’s exactly how I felt.  So due to that excuse, I wasn’t walking too much.  But last week on Wednesday, I felt my legs getting kind of lazy, so I thought, OMG, the blood is not circulating the way it is supposed to do.  I need to do something for my many-happy-birthdays body.  Otherwise, if I don’t take the bull by the horns, my time to convert back to energy may be closer than I imagine.  I try not to imagine too much in that department.

So there I went for a walkabout in the outer spaces.  Beautiful weather today and twice last week.  Immediately felt my blood circulating at a faster pace than it had been doing, and I could feel the oxygen full of whatever stuff is in the air we breathe, going around my neurons, because I felt full of energy and vibrant.  I felt good that I was doing something for myself.  If I don’t do it, who is going to do it for my 62+ years body.  We need to be kind to ourselves and that include le garbage we send down our throats and our pipes.  Think twice before we put, trying to find a nice word to describe what I feel like saying without being crude.  We have to think twice before we put into our mouths any manure.  Bad manure.  Get the point?

These are some of the pleasant to look at things I found today during  my walkabout.  I stopped to talk to Charlie, the builder of my house, then stopped to take some pictures and pick up my mail, and had in general a good time on my wild outdoors.

Then, after having lunch, I proceeded to go upstairs to my intellectual corner, where this blog gives birth everyday to a wonder posting;  talking about getting off track.  After seating at my desk, I started the process to continue to re-learn the french I studied in high school.  I studied for months before I went to Paris, but after the trip I just stopped. 

I read in the newspaper yesterday, I think, that learning another language, researchers have found out,  slows down Alzheimer.  I manage in English, Spanish, and dabble in French.  So French it is right now.  My daughter gave me a very expensive software package for French before we went to Paris, and it is very good, but I found this one for $2.99 at a store together with one for Italian, so I am giving it a try today.  It is not too bad, kind of pushy when you need to pronounce back the words, but nothing I cannot manage.  So I am going to go back and forth between these two packages to keep from becoming forgetful.  Don’t need any help in that department.

I am doing what I think is best for me at this time in my life, and by sharing with all of you my mundane experiences, I hope that somehow you find something to ponder on, disagree about, or some enlightenment.  That is the whole purpose of my postings.  But most of all, I am doing this for myself.  It gives me something to look forward to during my day, and sharing good things makes me happy.  Leave it alone, it gives me the opportunity to practice my English.  Webster has become my best buddy.

Until the next experience,

Your Happy Contessa

“If we keep waiting for just the right time to begin something, we may never begin anything.  Let’s begin where we are right now, with what we have and what we are.”  Me,  from some books I have read along my journey.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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