In the twighlight zone…



 Written yesterday afternoon.

Right now I feel like my brain is floating in my cranium.  (Actually, I just thought, that’s the way it is anyways.)  Cannot hold a thought for too long.  Getting sleepy and emotionless.  Where am I?

Just came back from the car dealership.  $33 short of a $1,000 bill.  I kind of expected something in the neighborhood, but the bill went much farther than the neighborhood.  It went to the next city.  I have to admit I have four new tires, oil changed, new wipers, clean transmission filter,  and all liquids flushed, and who knows what else, I don’t even want to look at the bill for a while, but …remember that in yesterday’s posting I told you that Miss Tammy will find hidden diseases within the belly of Black Beauty.  That’s exactly what happened.  Kept my appointment of 9 am, was there around 8:45 am, and left the dealership at around 1:45 pm.  Big hole in my assets and less derriere, but of course!  It didn’t help that I went for a walk in the cold weather to try to dissipate around the dealership.  I finished two books and read a magazine.

 Not a too nice picture of me, but it shows how desperate I was to just finish with the whole ordeal.  It was brisk and cold outside, but who was feeling anything?

Tomorrow is the dishwasher’s turn.  New motor.  Did anyone said Happy Valentine’s Day to me yet.  I cannot wait for the arrow to hit me again.  I am going to be hiding all weekend, as a matter of fact, as soon as Mr. Fix-it dishwasher leaves, I am hibernating until the 15th.  I only can take so much emotionally.  Right now I am laughing my heart out while typing it, so that goes to show a certain degree of imbecility is creeping up into my brain.  Laughing about all the stuff I am dealing with.  ???  Mercy, please deliver some mercy on me.

Today the posting is short, the word counterbeing is not happy, but the neurons are shutting down.  They refuse to go an extra inch.

This bottle of wine was given to me quite a few months ago, and has been in my fridge waiting for the right occasion.  Well, tonight’s the night, baby!  Hopefully I’ll have the strength to open the bottle.  I learned in chemistry class that alcohol burns your brain cells.  I don’t think my brain will miss just a few when they fall by the side of the bed.  Need to forget today’s adventure.


Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  A quote from my life…”Bring it on, but do it next year.”  Noury

P.S. #2, Black Beauty runs like an airplane on the ground.  Probably it was worth the investment.

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2 thoughts on “In the twighlight zone…

    1. Hola amiga! You are absolutely right. The thought occurred to me also. But I also thought, if everyone would give their car good maintenance, in spite of brand, they will also live a long life, I mean, the car. They had an ’02 at the dealer in the show room with 530,000 miles. So I thought, I’ll die before I trade. Thanks for the feedback. Un abrazo.

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