Megapixels, emails, and still in a black hole…

Well, another surprise just happened.  This image, the one above went from my ccc to my computer in no time.  I thought, what the heck is going on here.  Let me explain.

Yesterday I sent out some emails with some photos I had taken with my ccc (cheap, chic camera).  The emails along with the pictures went into a black hole.  Nothing happened.  They are somewhere in black hole land.  Now, this morning I went about to try to send them again.  Nothing.  I included myself in the “to” line, so I was going to see what happened.  Nothing.

Better and bigger, what does it mean?  Let me see how I can explain this one.  Too much of a good thing is not good for you sometimes.  Too many mega pixels can make you spend over two hours of your day in nothingland.  Suddenly it dawned on me that maybe I should consult my know-it-all, Dr. Google.   Why didn’t I think of this before.   In one of the answers to my dilemma, it was suggested I change the camera default to less mega pixels.  Wonders of it all.  It even has a choice for pc.  I cannot tell the difference between 12 megap or pc default.  One of the emails I sent early in the morning took over one hour to be received, with only 3 pictures in it.

Technology, do to or not to do.  Change or perish.  I’ll take change (technology).  Don’t want to be left out in the dark, even if that means spending over three hours in my pajamas trying to figure something out.  In the process, my realtor shows up at the door.  I had my uniform on.  Pink robe that one of these days is going to disintegrate on the washing machine.  Someones wants to see the house in around 10 minutes or so.  ????  Thanks God for under the bed resource for storage and sweat pants and tops.  Ready in 10 minutes.  Are they buying the house?  Don’t know.  At least they saw it.  I almost wrapped the house in a bag and gave it to them for free.  I told them I was a teaser, but to remember I had the best house in the neighborhood.  Let’s leave it to the gods of to buy or not to buy.

Can you tell my muses are all down South?  I can.  I have been babbling about much to do about nothing for a while now, but it makes an impression that there’s something on the screen.  Oh boy!  Muses, please come back soon.  I am desperate around here!


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2 thoughts on “Megapixels, emails, and still in a black hole…

  1. There is a neat free program on the internet called infraview that will allow you to resize your pictures any way you wish. It is wise to take your photos at a high resolution and then reduce the ones you wish to email using these easy programs so they will load faster. You never know if you get a great photo and wish it was in higher resolution. The software that came with your camera probably already has such a capability. Hope you sell the house. I have over 11,000 hi resolution and their low resolution counterparts on my computer and it takes only a few % of my hard drive. You are categorizing your life, why do it in low resolution.

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