Now you see it…now you don’t

This was dinner last night.  I took the first bite and I thought, wow! this is the sweetest potato ever I have tasted.  What did they put on the ground?  Then…I remembered, I had put some sliced dates in the stir fry and I was chewing on a piece of date together with the sweet potato.  Let me back track.  Yesterday, late afternoon,  I was doing some research.  Pondering the reasons why the house hasn’t sold, and at the same time researching places I would like to visit in the future.  Some of them; India, Egypt and Spain.  Better time to visit India is around November to April, I think.  Not too much rain.  Humidity and my hair do not do well together.  That’s very important to me.  It’s a hair thing.  Ask any Dominican, and they’ll shake their heads in approval.  Where was I?  When I next looked at the clock, it was 5:27 pm and I was feeling a bit hungry.  Do not do fast foods.  So my options are do I cook or do I cook?  I took the latter.  Had some 1/4 pound of beef being defrosted, so I thought a stir fry does not sound that bad, with my usual staple, sweet potato.  Need to find another side dish with the same nutritional qualities as the one before mentioned.   Started cooking the beef, put some stir-fry mixes and some leftover vegetables from the night before, and then thought, why not some dates.  I love dates.  Added about one tablespoon of stir-fry sauce, and voila, delicious tasting dish.  Added olive oil to the potatoes and sea salt.  Very yummy!  FYI that was sparkling H2O.

Whenever you are having dinner with a group of friends, the anticipation of a good meal, and the conversations are like the ascension to the crescendo, you can’t hardly wait to put that food in your mouth, and then…after the process has been finished, you feel so full and bloated, you can hardly look up to the other people around, because they look just as disgusted as you are for having eaten so much.  But on this occasion, at least the aliment (food) was good for me.  Give the small amount of beef a break.

Where am I going with all of this?  I don’t know.  I know it tasted good while it lasted.  Maybe life is just like that.  Good things last for a bit, and then you have to start searching for the next one.  Always looking for good things is my favorite sport/hobby along with being informed how the Blue Devils are doing.

After dinner,  mixed with the dessert into it, I parked myself in my tv chair to catch up with my novelas and then, after my eyes started to get heavy,  started the process of closing my day with a prayer with gratitude for all the good things, and then to do it all over again today, looking for that new just perfect touch to the day.  Maybe I’ll win the lottery!  Yeah, right.  Maybe the house will sell.  Now, that’s a possibility.

Looking to a brighter today,

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Now you see it…now you don’t

  1. Not too many crumbs left on that plate. Dessert – what’s that? Remember as you say – the world is full of possibilities we just need to recognize them when they come along.

    1. Crumbs know better. There is no espace from my mouth. Dessert, girlfriend, were the dates already mixed in the stir fry. Community Center inside track anyone? Only $5 membership. I am headed there tomorrow.

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