Virtual Front Porch Wisdom

Thank y’all for checking me out.  It is good to know someone is listening when you talk (type).

Recently on my last visit to the dentist for this year, with my mouth wide open, the lady cleaning my teeth (I know there is a name for this specialty, but right now my brain memory cells decided to take a leave), was talking about her children and the decisions they are making about their careers.  Stay with me.  This is a good one.  She was telling me that her son was troubled by a job offer he had, but was not sure if that was what he wanted to do.  She advised him that when you take a job, your mentality should not be of making sure that you like the job, but almost as important, you find out also if that is something you do not want to do.   Bells and lights from heaven inundated the small area we were in.  I thought, Wow!  What an enlightened moment.  Was Buddha around spreading wisdom?

I told her, after I got to close my mouth, that I would never forget that moment.  Jaw dropped and everthing.  Oh, by the way, my teeth are now just fine.  I have a Colgate or Crest smile, it depend which toothpaste is on sale.

Anyway, going back to that enlightened moment.  Shouldn’t we take that approach to most of the things in our lives.  Sometimes fear paralyzes us from doing things.  Let’s do things and find out later if that is a yes or no in our lives.  Let’s live a little bit more dangerously girlfriends.  Oops, Lindsay, I almost forgot about you.

Well, from my plastic virtual front porch, hope you were as awed as I was.

Your happy contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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