I think I had to delete my previous entry to add a new comment, so it saddens me that my first post of Food/Aliment is gone into a black hole.  But, being the smart cookie I am, I made a copy first, but it is not the same.  Something to research.

Well, now reference to the above picture.  These are my sinful daily pleasures.  There’s only one sinful.  Chocolat!  72% cocoa, otherwise is not good for you.  It has all the flavor of cocoa with just a zing of sweet.  Love olives (omega 3), and my own balsamic syrup.  I make this delicacy with balsamic vinegar and lots of sugar.  Let it reduce and voila, Noury’s balsamic syrup.  The apple a day (you know who keeps away) and olive oil.  I inhale olive oil.  Just love that stuff!  To those ingredients, you add almonds, raisins, lettuce, shredded carrots and brocoli, celery and then you can sit down and feel good about being alive.   After finishing the salad,  then it is time to have the dark master, (the chocolat, what were you thinking?) and it becomes your “I feel good today” moment.

I am getting hungry here.  Hope you have enjoyed the description of my lunch ritual.  Oh, one more thing,  while eating this good stuff, I watch a recorded episode of “Atrevete a Sonar,” the cutest soap opera in Spanish.  Lots of young people with their drama, so it makes me smile.  What else could a girl want?

Your Happy Contessa

3 thoughts on “Chocolat!

  1. Christy

    Do you share your secrets of making balsamic syrup? I paid $5 for about 4 ounces of the stuff. I love it but have no idea how to make it!

    1. happycontessa Post author

      One bottle of balsamic vinegar, 15 tablespoons of sugar and let it simmer until it reaches syrup consistency, well, less, because when it cools down it become denser. Fumes that come from simmering are not pleasant. Wait until you can open windows to try this. The one I used to buy I cannot find anymore, but I like mine better.

      1. happycontessa Post author

        Hi Christy, I forgot to say thank you for visiting the blog and opining. I like feedbacks! Let me know the name of the one you use. Balsamic glaze, I mean.

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