Plan “B”…first entertaining in my new digs…still liking it very much…

Plan "B"

Not that bad…after all.  Remember that the first intended set up was sold before I had a chance to go back and claim it.  So I had to come up with Plan B.  Believe it or not, I like the alternative better.  I love this room!!  I can see into the gardens, it is so bright and I am all about sun light.

I already did my first entertaining…a lunch date with a very dear friend and her husband.  See my humble table setting below…Martha, eat your heart out!

This was made possible with some curtains I brought down with me in case I needed to cover some windows, and the yellow tablecloth I used to wrap a painting I brought down with me also.  Very resourceful I am…I must say.

I am so touched by all my friends that already have me feel very welcomed.  Thanks to all of you, the ones that I have already seen and the ones that are on my ever-growing list to visit with.  This “welcome basket” is full of goodies, one of them almonds covered with chocolate!

Let me give you an incredible scoop.  One of the ladies that I have met is a 90 year-old sweet and hip lady.  When I met her, she was wearing skinny jeans!!!!!!!  I have met my match!  Someone to look up to if I make it that far ahead.  When I told her that she was sooo cool, she said that what did I mean by that.  I have to bring up to date her lingo.  I told her that she was with it.  Finally, after explaining, she got it.  I take so many things for granted.  Have to start a mini-dictionary to make myself understood with some of my neighbors.  I like all that I have met so far.  No gray-haired guy yet.  Thanks God!

So I adjusted the settings on the 32″ tv.  Well…now half of the head of the people is chopped off and the bottom information is missing.  Their bodies look ok now, but there is no perfection in life.  Do you think a 37″ will do the trick?

So it was today…24 July, 2011…a day of receiving my first newspaper delivered to my door and trying to organize things I need to do…change of address, etc., etc.

Oh, oh, there comes the train…there comes the train…one of them.  Can’t wait for the others to come through later.  C’est la vie!!

Your Happy Contessa

“I feel good, ta ra ra good, so good, that I just do.”  From the Happy Contessa way of life.

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6 thoughts on “Plan “B”…first entertaining in my new digs…still liking it very much…

    1. I thought…how would Milagros decorate this room? Non-traditional, of course. Thinking out of the box. And here it is…ta ta…very Floridian. Where is Architectural Digest when you need them? Photos please for next issue available. Inquire right here. Thanks!

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